A new (or old) way of painting

Benjamin Rabe

Earlier this year, Steve Sprang released that little app called Brushes to the ever growing iPhone-appstore. It lets you do fingerpaintings on the iPhone in a very simple and intuitive way.  Some weeks later, Stef Kardos, an art-director at Disney, posted some extraordinary paintings on his blog. Ever since the according flickr-group accumulated a vast amount of diverse and utterly creative painters and paintings. This trend was covered on wired and the Telegraph and I was lucky to jump on the train in time.

6 months of creativity have passed and now it’s time to showcase all that stuff. This blog aims to be a place for artist-portraits, for painting-related app-reviews and of course a place for the overwhelming diversity of the artwork itself.

Expect lookalikes, mashes, painting-ping-pongs, infinite-hose-art and many many more.

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