Painting of the day by flyabee


photo.jpg, originally uploaded by Flybabee.

It doesn’t have a name, but it sure is brillant. I love her paintings.

6 Responses to “Painting of the day by flyabee”

  • Jim Says:

    Wow… she sure is a talented one.

    Her paintings are amazing.

  • Flybabee (Mia) Says:

    What an honor to be featured on this site! Thank you Jim for your compliments!


  • Luis Peso Says:

    Amazing work Flybabee!! Love the colors and this awsome mix! Agree with Jim, you’re a great artist!!!

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    I just love the colors and the sense of depth achieved by using Pollock App. But I love all your pieces, Mia 🙂

  • Flybabee (Mia) Says:

    thank you so much! I do not take these compliments lightly. This is such a great community of artists–as I am inspired greatly by your works as well.

  • Valerie Beeby Says:

    Oh I do like this! Really rich and rare.

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