Painting of the day: The Wooden Sword by Luis Peso


The Wooden Sword, originally uploaded by Luis Peso (9monos).

Luis does some amazing fingerpainting magic lately, this one took my breath away.

3 Responses to “Painting of the day: The Wooden Sword by Luis Peso”

  • patricio villarroel Says:

    make this dragon and kid with fingers ? not possible… you are kidding !
    luis is the best detail fingerpainter i ever see, awesome, a great master, but don’t tell him, he don’t want we call like that ;-)))

  • Flybabee (Mia) Says:

    wow…the detail on this is awesome. I’m a huge fan of 9monos’s work!

  • Luis Says:

    Thanks my friends! With a 800% zoom, it´s not that difficult 😛 (but now i need really big glasses :), so, i´m not that “master” 🙂 Thanks Patricio!
    Flybabee, I loove your work too!!! Thanks!

    I´m so sorry i´m late! I didn´t know my red butterfly ( :))) ) was posted here! It´s an Honor!!! Thanks Benjamin!!!

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