Painting of the day: Vegetable boxes with mice by Matthew Watkins


“For a small mouse that lived in a vegetable box he talked a lot.” Matthew goes Gary Larson lately, I love it.

[Edit] Matthew added:
For me this one is about the way we see…I was parking behind a restaurant and saw all of the vegetable boxes behind. To the surprise of my daughter I jumped out of the car to take the photo with the iphone. “What do you think you are you doing” scolded  my 9 year old. I said “I am going to turn this into an apartment building for mice”. She nodded with that know smile that only children can confer. I changed the lighting, obliterate some detail, add others. I made no effort to hide the fact that this was a photo because for me it’s not about process, not about technique. I’ts not about rendering.  It’s about seeing.

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