iPhone Painting Apps: Layers by Ben Gotow


layers01Layers is a brand new iPhone natural media painting app by Ben Gotow which comes with unique features as well as some well thought interface-details. I was lucky to be one of the beta-testers, so here is a little preview of what to expect.

Feature: Layers

One of the most anticipated feature for painting apps is probably is the ability to use up to layers, so Layers lets you do exactly that:


you can use up to 5 (transparent) layers, either blank, filled with a color or even use a photo. This is probably the most powerful feature and Ben really lets this shine: you have to see the sliding animation when the layers actually fan out and in! I keep doing it just for the fun of watching 🙂layers04

Layers lets you also drag and rearrange your layers, merge them or fill with the actual color.

Brush tips

Layers comes with a set of 8 different brushes:

layers05As you can see the brushes selector pane is tabbed with the color selector which is one of the nice design-details of Layers: that way you can easily switch back and forth between the settings. Another great little addition is the possibility to change the brush sizes in single steps by tapping on the icons left and right of the slider.

The transparent eraser tool

The color settings are pretty straightforward and let you choose any color, transparent or opaque. A great new feature is the eraser that uses the same brush tips and is also adjustable in impact


Last not least the gallery has a nice micro/macro switch.


There is some more nice details, like the 55%-1000% zoom (the basic canvas size is 512x512px), auto show/hide of the buttonbars or the zoom in/zoom out by double tapping on a specific area on the canvas. The app will costs 4.99$/3.99€ and still awaits approval from the app-store [Update 1] and is available now (iTunes App Store).

[Update 2] There were some issues with the viewer, more about that over at justiphoneart.

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