First tutorial for Layers iPhone App, by Luis Peso


Layers, the new iPhone painting kid on the block is only just available for a day and already Luis Peso has put his extreme capable fingers on it and created this little walkthrough; thanks Luis!

So, it starts with a basic scribble using the small coarse brush:


Then Luis adds another dark grey layer beneath the scribble layer:


Now he starts to pull the light areas out, using the feathered brush:


More details are added while the scribble gets dropped:


A new layer will become the background; this one being a good example of the nice fibered style of this brush tip:

5add-another-layer-and-paint-a-backgroundNext step, the layer gets dragged all the way back to become the background:

6put-strokes-layer-on-bottomLuis goes back to the grey layer, uses the same brush tips, but now to erase more of the opaque grey color and thus revealing the background:

7erase-with-a-textured-brush-the-grey-layerEt voilà, le final piece!


More goodness by Luis Peso on flickr.

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