More good news: Just iPhone Art is blogging



Earlier this week I stumbled upon a new blog for “iPhone art admirers and creators” at, run by Thomas Wong and Patrick Jordan. The both of them claim not to be artists themselves, and maybe that’s why they have this very well ballanced mix of showcasing fingerpaintings (check out this beautiful piece by Chris Bordenca) and photos, as well as app reviews.

Toronto rooftops, by ragart

Toronto rooftops, by ragart

I had a very good mail convo with Patrick yesterday, not only did he inspire me to paint more puppies, he consequently also wrote the first extended post about – thanks so much, Patrick!

Oh, and there goes the puppy:

Whose cookie now II, by Benjamin Rabe

Whose cookie now II, by Benjamin Rabe

Both our blogs are aiming to showcase this growing world of beautiful art being created using the iPhone/iTouch, so we’ll certainly be sharing links and thoughts on the this path.

Checkout Just Iphone Art – you’ll also find them in our blogroll from now on.

3 Responses to “More good news: Just iPhone Art is blogging”

  • Patrick Says:

    Hey Benjamin – thanks for the great post! Very glad we’re neighbors in covering this great subject. Oh, and there can never be too many puppies 🙂

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    I fully agree, haha 😀

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    It’s so great to have two places to check as I start each day Benjamin and Patrick you guys rock!

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