How to paint clouds on your iPhone [video tutorial]


In this one we show you how to easily fingerpaint simple clouds on your iPhone using Brushes – the basic technique can also be used for any other kind of feathery texture.

This tutorial is meant for the very beginner, so please let us know:
do you want to see more simple bits like this?
Or would you rather see longer tutorials about a complete painting?
Or something completely else? More bunnies?

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

8 Responses to “How to paint clouds on your iPhone [video tutorial]”

  • Thierry Says:

    wow, vids now your site. Very good idea. Looking forward to see the next ones. Nicely done! keep them that way 🙂

  • la legra negra Says:

    That is GREAT.
    I want to learn to paint bunnies

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    thx for the feedback! bunnies are lesson 11 🙂 next up will be: blending.

  • kevin Says:

    well done! I also enjoy the audio samples used, I look forward to seeing more!

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    YAY… simple instructions, well done. Well produced. AND your hands are quite handsome… unlike a pastel artist’s for instance. Very clean! Bravo for a new way to show fingerpainting.

  • Jason Says:

    I would like to see longer tutorials personally. These two short ones were perfect, but to just see what the artist is thinking and moving his fingers as he/she paints it is priceless.

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    Good point, Jason. I’m not sure if I personally am able to do that, next I will try to do longer ones though, towards certain styles/looks: outline, etching, oil-paint, etc.

  • Luis Peso Says:

    Great work!! Fast but precise 😉

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