[Updated: Review] Sketchbook Mobile comes to the iPhone


Autodesk will release Sketchbook Mobile on the Sept 17th, here’s a first glimpse over at core77.

Image via core77

Image via core77

[Update] There’s also a quite impressive pool of artwork done in Sketchbook Mobile on flickr, as well as another review at Develop3D.

[Update 2]Our Susan Murtaugh was one of the beta-testers and shared some quick first thoughts via mail:


  • amazing set of brushes, very adjustable. special love to the airbrush
  • great workflow, once you get used to it
  • good printing output size


  • you can’t clear layers in the layer-view
  • no transparency slider for colors
  • horizontal photo import currently impossible
  • sometimes app slows down because of memory

Susans verdict so far:

“My first love is Brushes. And I will still use it, especially for landscapes, don’t know why it works better for me with scenes but it does.
“For sketching and portrait work Sketchbook Mobile really shines. If and when there is full layer integration with desktop Sketchbook Pro I will be thrilled… It’s an artists dream to move from iPhone to desktop and hopefully back with little or no issues.”

Her Advice:

“Have them both.”

After using Sketchbook Mobile for a day now, I second every point of it.

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