Sketchbook Mobile Magic: Old Forest by Susan Murtaugh

Old Forest

Old Forest, by Susan Murtaugh

Beautiful use of the brushtips in Sketchbook Mobile by Susan Murtaugh.

4 Responses to “Sketchbook Mobile Magic: Old Forest by Susan Murtaugh”

  • Flybabee (Mia) Says:

    oh, beautiful Susan!!!!!! so serene and peaceful! beautiful work!

  • Thierry Says:

    This is really awesome work. I love everything about it, lights and colors above all.

  • Suzi O'Dell Says:

    You do absolutely gorgeous work. I have a problem, I am an oldster who doesn’t pick up on new things as easily as you youngsters do. I have sketchbook mobile on my android tablet, is there a place where I can find basic instructions?

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments, especially Suzi, who called me young, as I just filed for Social Security this week. LOL! Somewhere in SketchBook Pro on your android there should be a place to set your preferences, a circle i, press that and you should have a direct link to news and announcements. Where you can get all manuals and connect with other users as well. Here is the web link. Keep painting.

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