First&Faves: another user generated gallery of iPhone art


In the aftermath of the art-mobile incident, Mia Robinson is the next to showcases fingerpaintings…

(…)including the first piece this artist created that ever inspired me (and caused me to be a dedicated follower/supporter of their work.) (…)The 2nd image by the artist is my all time favorite piece by them(…)

Not only did she select, but also annotated every piece with a personal view:


Self portrait, by Blu.Yanaka

“Blu’s work is VERY introspective. He is known for his surrealistic self portraits(…)”

First&Faves is a growing gallery on flickr.

2 Responses to “First&Faves: another user generated gallery of iPhone art”

  • patricio villarroel Says:

    mia’s fingerpainter choices for her two galleries are fabulous : she is looking for old paintings and this makes unity to all the artists.
    also she speaks so well about each painting, i’m jealous about that 🙂
    applauses to mia !!!

  • Mia Says:

    Thank you both! Patricio, you set a beautiful example with your galleries (a strong and solid lead to follow). It was important for me to showcase the artists I felt were MORE than deserving to be included in the art-mobile exhibition–and to also let them each know how they have inspired (and challenged) me to do better work. This is an amazing community of artist that I am so extremely proud to be a part of! 🙂

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