iPhone Art at the Chicago Art Department


Mike Nourse together with 7 more Chicago artists are starting a 5-week program at the Chicago Art Department from November 19 – January 8 aiming to explore possibilities of iPhone Art:

This 5-week program will feature weekly meetings that explore areas like photography, animation, drawing, sound, and output. As a group, participants will focus on knowledge-sharing,  developing individual projects while presenting progress each week. Finally, artists will curate a group exhibition (including outside artists and their iPhone art in as needed), to be held inside of CAD‘s gallery, and finish with a better understanding of iPhone possibilities!

Next to the workshop there will also be an international exhibition:

The group of participants will also work to bring in non-Chicago iPhone art, aiming to bring together a comprehensive body of work for the exhibition. So far CAD has confirmed participants from places such as San Francisco, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Italy, and Germany.

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