Rai 3 shows ‘Making of a fingerpainting’ with Matthew Watkins


Probably one of the best TV-features about iPhone Art was aired yesterday on RAI 3 in Italy, showing Matthew Watkins painting his ‘On the shoulder of giants’ – in it, Matthew shows how starts with an initial sketch in his notebook, then snapshots it with the iPhone camera and transfers it in this spectacular fingerpainting using Brushes.

On the shoulders of giants

On the shoulder of giants, by Matthew Watkins

But it doesn’t end with the creation process, it also shows the other important part of fingerpainting: the social element. We see Matthew at an apple store, checking his flickr page shortly after he posted his piece. (please note it’s 42 secs after I posted feedback )

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You can watch the show here.

4 Responses to “Rai 3 shows ‘Making of a fingerpainting’ with Matthew Watkins”

  • Valerie Beeby Says:

    Intrigued by this, but unfortunately I cannot view the video. I click on ‘you can watch the show here’ but it just gives me a search box with nothing in it. I got an email notification of this post via RSS but could not play the video given there either. I have a Mac.

  • admin Says:

    sorry, I posted a bad link. should work now!

  • Valerie Beeby Says:

    Thanks! I have succeeded in watching it now. Wish I spoke Italian, but I got the gist of it. Congratulations to Matthew!!

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    congrats and huge pats on the back, you are a master of the orphaned stories and one of the best darned fingerpainters on the planet. ^Up^ x 1,000. And I loved seeing you in person, handsome fella too.

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