Vellum: a simple and stylish fingerpainting app


Vellum by David a new, simple drawing app with a quite intuitive and stylish interface, that let’s you create paintings with an almost pencil-like quality: demo, attempt #2 from vellum on Vimeo.

It’s 1.59€ and now available on the App Store.

3 Responses to “Vellum: a simple and stylish fingerpainting app”

  • Lorraine Young Says:

    I’ve been trying Vellum for a few days now. It’s a nice little app great for quick sketches and it looks like real graphite! The ink mode is a little tricky – I really like the graphite and scratch modes.

  • Flybabee (Mia) Says:

    I’m all for this app…I like it’s simplicity…and I’m game for it–just need a few features enhances here…1) needs it’s own internal gallery–I would like to come back to these images, especially since I do alot of quick sketches on metro 2) would like some sizing options on the scratcher (just the scratcher–keepin it simple) 2) need a little more control on that ink mode…gets way to blotchy and the response to touch is a bit delayed…other than that, I really like the app…love the graphite feature…it is really nice…especially when it piles on…and that is something we needed…think this app has a lot of potential and gives good practice to those of us who are trying to develop our draftsmanship. I am looking forward to updates. 🙂

  • Kathleen Says:

    I love the simplicity of this app and it has a very authentic graphite “feel” when you are drawing. Would like to be able to save work and also an undo feature would be handy – although it is refreshing just to have work with what’s there and scratch it out. Love working with this though.

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