Preview: Brushes 2.1

Benjamin Rabe

Brushes 2.1 has been submitted to the app-store, and with Sketchbook Mobile on its heels, it’s a long anticipated update. And it’s a great one.

The most significant changes are coming with the brush panel:


Additional to the original 3 brushes you get another 8 great brush tips, some of them also alligning to the stroke direction of your finger (a behaviour already known from SBM). You can roll through the brushes on a horizontal ribbon, with every tip remembering its last used settings. Another new feature: the spacing is adjustable now which makes stippling easier e.g. The color wheel shortcut on the upper left lets you easy switch back and forth between brush and color panel now.

But the coolest new feature (at least to me) is the introduction of hot corners: tapping top right for example calls a quick brush size menu:


The other corners let you quick switch between brush/eraser, undo and redo respectively. It’s amazing how the hot corners improve your flow and thus get the interface out of your way.

Along with this new version, the Viewer gets an update to support the new brushtips, and the interface has been localized to Chinese, French, Italian, Spanisch and German.

Brushes 2.1 should hopefully appear in the app-store before christmas.

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