iPHONE THEREFORE iART gets real: 25 signals in Chicago

Benjamin Rabe

Image created by Mike Nourse, Jon Satrom, Carl Sweets, and Melissa Porter. Apps: Satromizer, Collage, Juxtaposer, and Swissmaker

We wrote about it earlier this year, now it’s getting real:

Chicago Art Department is pleased to present 25 artists from around the world, all exploring the iPhone as creative tool.

And the interesting questions are being asked:

Where is iPhone art heading? What type of artists work with an iPhone and when? Why? How does the iPhone fit into the contemporary art landscape?

Julia Kay mirrors the exhibition online in the according flickr group.

Read the full press release. Exhibition opening is Friday January 8, 6-10pm at Chicago Art Department, 1837 S. Halsted.

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