the summoning: opening up our directory of fingerpainters[UPDATE]

Benjamin Rabe

(Please use also our form now to submit)

The King of Hearts

[Update: the first version of the directory is online now.]

When we started this blog there was only a rather small group of fingerpainters and that’s why at some point we closed our listing. Now things moved on and there’s quite a big group of artists out there using their iPhones/iPod touchs to create art. We think, there should be one site aggregating all you great fingerpainters out there to date.

So today opens up it listing to create a broad directory of fingerpainters around the world.

Now, are you a fingerpainter? Wanna get listed?

  • Do you use your iPhone or iPod and your finger (stylus is fine, too πŸ™‚ ) Β to create art?
  • Do you have an online portfolio we can link to?
  • Did you create 20+ paintings in the last 6 months? (there’s a horde of bureaucratic bunnies waiting, validating fingerpainterness for this point)

If it’s a yes! yes! yes! you can either

  • register on this site and leave a comment including name, links, the optional credo (if you want) and style/favorite subject if possible
  • or send me a mail with the same info
  • instead please use our form now to submit

The style comes into play if we decide to list rather by painting style than by A-Z. What would you think works best? Any Ideas should be left in the comments, too.

The submission period ends Jan 31 2010.

38 Responses to “the summoning: opening up our directory of fingerpainters[UPDATE]”

  • patricio Says:

    great idea benjamin !
    cheers to you and all upcoming fingerpainters !

  • patricio Says:

    i vote for an A-Z classification !

  • Rita Flores Says:

    Hi – My work is mainly figurative and landscapes. The apps that I use the most are Brushes, Layers, and Sketchbook Mobile. I’ve been posting my work to Flickr and participating in the Flickr groups like Iphone/Itouch artwork on an assigned subject and Fingerpaint This!

    My Flickr Stream is at:

    My blog can be found at:



  • Bakawhite Says:

    Name’s Torben Strobel AKA Bakawhite, or Honoh for short. Most work gets put here:
    Stuff that gets brushed up gets put here:

    I try to work at least an hour a day, barring that, do at least one drawing or painting. I like to draw people, often in a fantasy setting if not taken from life, and I feel more comfortable with a line drawing as opposed to color.

  • Valerie Beeby Says:

    ABC listing may not be very revealing, but it’s much the easiest to use!

    A directory is a splendid idea!

    I sent my links in an email, including my Flickr account

  • Jeff Gill Says:

    Hooray for openness!

    My name is Jeff Gill. I use mostly Brushes, plus the occasional quick sketch in Vellum (and a little Type Drawing and Layers for good measure). My work is kind of cartoony. At the moment I am in the middle of a horribly self-indulgent autobiographical project:
    When that’s done, I may go back to my Twitter illustrations: or maybe start something new. I also like to draw silly things on my photos:

  • simki68 Says:

    Hi there,
    I like to join in πŸ™‚ Nice idea and I think Listing by A-Z is a good idea!
    My name is Simone and I love painting with Brushes, Eastern Drawing and Sketchbook Mobile. There are so many styles possible. I have to try out in the future!
    Most of my iphoneart you can find here:
    or just have a look at my website:
    Thanks Benjamin & happy fingerpainting!

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  • suzi54241 Says:

    Great idea, welcome one and all.

  • Rob Mance Says:

    Brilliant idea Benjamin ! Always pioneering the cause of the fingerpainters ! My work is here:

    I like to paint everyday objects but I take pride in them being a bit wonky.

    thanks again.

  • Farik Osman Says:

    Hi all,
    My name is Farik Osman, 29, from Singapore, but you can call me Farik or people know me as ThreeFive. Started this hobby last year some time in April 2009. And have ever since been loving it, and enjoying it so far. The people, community and support that you get have always been super! I love doing character designs and enjoy drawing girls for the better part of it. Look to expand my potentials further this year!

    I keep an artblog here:

    I have a Flickr gallery too as an extension of my finger paintings here:

    I have Twitter and Facebook if you wish to keep in touch with me: and

    I do occasionally upload my speedpaintings here:

    Thanks for letting me be apart of

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  • Kevin Barba Says:

    updated info for my listing:

    Kevin Barba

    twitter: kevinbarba

  • Helene Goldberg Says:

    Most of my work is at I’m always experimenting with styles and apps. My main app is always Brushes. I’ve done 700+ since June. I have a website (, but I’ve been too busy fingerpainting to develop it or even check it.

    Great idea Benj. You deserve a bushel of carrots.


  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    Thx a lot to everyone so far, especially for the carrots. A simple list is up, please check if there’s anything missing or if you wanna add info.
    Everybody else, keep it coming!

  • jlivingston Says:

    Fingerpainting Portfolio:

    Hi Everybody. My name is Joey Livingston. I’m 33 years old. I live in Pensacola, FL, USA.

    My childhood was filled with all kinds of arts: visual art, music, drama, etc. I was sure I would grow up to be a cartoonist or illustrator, but my life took a big turn just before my senior year of high school. Fast forward 10+ years, and I’m working as a web application developer and partner of a UK based web design agency (some would say almost the exact opposite of what they expected me to become, technical rather than creative; but actually, I find that programming can be very creative). I’m happy in my job; I get to work from home, and set my own hours to a great extent. But I’ve always had that creative, artistic energy inside me, wanting to be released every day. Technology makes it more and more possible for me to express those energies on my own time, in my own terms, when and where it is most convenient. The iPhone has opened up exponentially more creative possibilities and outlets for me than anything that has ever come before it, particularly in visual art and music.

    I love fingerpainting on the iPhone. My favorite fingerpainting apps are Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile. I’ve made more leaps in my growth as a visual artist than I ever thought possible at this stage in my life, and I’m looking forward to growing tons more in the coming week, month, year, decade. I’m also excited about making new friends with all of you as we all grow together in this brand new medium!

    My favorite style, generally speaking, is cartooning/illustrative, though that is quite broad within itself. My favorite artists of recent include names such as Cyril Pedrosa, Kazu Kibuishi, Jake Parker, Rad Sechrist.

  • toubab Says:

    hi all,

    this list is such a great idea benj! πŸ™‚

    so i am benoit baude known as toubab.
    i’m a french freelance illustrator who live in lille in the north of france!
    i’m an eclectic painter who love to paint with all tools i can get, digital or traditionnal, for some mixed media work!

    so come on! let’s bring some life on that empty canvas! πŸ™‚

    you can find me on these websites :

    blog –
    portfolio –
    twitter –
    facebook –

  • Mia Robinson Says:

    Ooooooo…can’t wait! can’t wait! and I like the A-Z listing too! this is awesome…inclusive (and i’m always looking for new fingerpainters to follow! :-))))

    okay…for me:

    My name is Mia Robinson, but I’ll go by MRob or MiaBia too! I have always loved art…both creating my own and viewing art from others. So it seems only natural that I’d love doing tribute work. Also love sketching people on the train or those out and about. I’m still a bit experimental with style and technique. But no matter how experimental I get, I will always LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brushes and Pollock apps. More than likely, you will see AT LEAST one of them used in all of my work.:-)

    websites: and

    twitter: mrobart

  • Thierry Says:

    Great idea Benjamin! πŸ™‚

  • jo Says:

    really amazing stuff

  • Bristles & Nibs Says:

    My name is Brian Weaver. I use Brushes and SketchBook Mobile.

    I started using Brushes in December of 2008 and joined the Make Something Cool Everyday Group on Flickr. I then discovered the Brushes Group and a whole community of talented fingerpainters. For awhile I was painting just robots, but I’ve now moved onto more varied subject matter. I do like to paint and sketch from my imagination, always trying to tell a story with my work.

    You can see my work here:


  • Lorraine Young (aka Raine) Says:

    Great idea Benjamin!
    I fingerpaint mostly with Brushes, but also like to play with many other art apps! Since I began in July ’09, and discovered the fabulous Flickr iphone artist communities, I have learned so much – my style is developing, changing, and growing all the time!

  • Bakawhite Says:

    please add this to my entry.

  • Julia Kay Says:

    Hi Benjamin,
    Thanks for opening this up!

    I’m an artist, analyst, aikidoist and teacher of the Alexander Technique, living in San Francisco, California, USA.

    I made my first drawing on my iPod Touch in July, 2008 using the No. 2 app. Since then I have made hundreds of drawings using many different apps, including Brushes, Layers, Paintbook, Sketchbook Mobile, Zeusdraw, Inspire, No. 2, Pollack, Vellum, MagicBrushes, Colors, ColorTilt, Type Drawing, Doodle Buddy, and others. In July, 2009 I joined flickr and started participating in the many wonderful communities there.

    The URL above is my main website, but it doesn’t have a section specifically for my iThing art. Those pieces can be found as a subset of my Daily Portrait Project
    of course in a set on flickr. The Portrait Project link is more historically complete as it has work from before I joined flickr, however the flickr link is more currently complete as it contains work that is not portraits. If there is a directory with only one link, please use the flickr link as it has a greater variety of work, and I am slowly uploaded the past work as well.

    My subjects in general are people, plants and animals, though I also have some narrative pieces and some landscape. Since I make an image of myself every day, the vast majority of pieces are portraits of some kind. Not sure about style – somewhere in the fauvist/expressionist spectrum I suppose.

    An alphabetic directory sounds great! Maybe there could also be a fixed set of checkboxes for different styles, colors, or subjects, which then get turned into searchable tags. But that may make more sense if it was specific pieces and not links to whole bodies of work. In any event, thanks again for doing this!

    Julia Kay

  • Tim McEvoy Says:

    I’m a professional designer and artist living in New York City. I started using a Nintendo DS to make pictures a couple of years ago with the homebrew application “Colors!” (which is also now available on iPhone). Since then I’ve done work using a range of apps, but mostly with Brushes, Sketchbook Mobile, and Photoforge.

    My subject matter ranges, depending on what I’m interested in at the moment. Lately it’s gone from landscapes to illustrative, comic-book styles, to abstractions. For the most part I’m drawn to creating detail and texture, tonality and unique spaces.

  • n_n Says:

    oh dear Benjamin i hit the return key and it submitted my first comment albeit incomplete comment. just wanted to say that this is an excellent idea you have and would like to join the group. i wanted to add one more website which is in the works and hope to find the time soon to update it. and there’s another site i’m toying with, will see. such a great group of people i’ve met through the flickr fingerpainting photostreams and such a welcoming and encouraging group. thank you for being one of them. cheers, nini

  • John . T Says:

    Artist and creator. By day I work in advertising, by night I paint and explore with my iPhone. First iPhone creation July 09.

  • Tim McEvoy Says:

    Hi Benjamin, just a note that my name was spelled “Time” in the directory instead of “Tim”.

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    Sorry Tim! Should be corrected now πŸ™‚

  • Amy Nelp (Baumysue) Says:

    Dear Benjamin – GREAT idea!!

    I am Amy Nelp – better known as Baumysue on Flickr. I’ve been painting on the iPhone since May of 2009 and LOVE it!! Mostly my paintings are representational and my subject matter seems to change all the time. I use Brushes about 90% of the time with occasional dips into other apps, but I always seem to come back to Brushes. (It fits me well.) I studied art in college (what seems like a hundred years ago) but went into teaching instead, so that put my artwork on the back burner. With the career and raising a family, I only occasionally got to paint. Then after years and years, I started doing some acrylics for a fictional book writer and his book covers and also some huge murals and furniture painting. These were ALL put aside when I discovered Brushes on my iPhone!

    I’m so grateful for our flickr group of iThingy artists to bounce things off of and to get inspiration from and to grow with. I’m LOVING iPhone ART!!

  • Deborah McMillion Says:

    I found this thanks to Nini! Thanks, Benjamin, for opening this up!

    I’m Deborah McMillion a.k.a. Hotel Midnight,
    I’m a professional fine artist, former member/President/curator of MARS Artspace and illustrator.
    I began Fingerpainting on Scribble (!) primarily to jot ideas, which evolved into it’s own thing. I upgraded to Brushes and then Zeusdraw Mobile. I have since added Juxtaposer, Magic Brushes and FrameIt! I’ve been using Zeusdraw Mobile primarily now for about 15 mos. I now spend 1/3 of my “art time” doing Fingerpainting. My work is figurative surrealism and as it’s based in the 1950s I call it “Retro-Surreal”. Current work is on my website and a complete photostream of ZDM work at Flickr .

    I tend to like Style categories because it’s more informative but many people cross styles so logic suggests A-Z.

    Let me know if I missed anything!

  • Amy Nelp (baumysue) Says:

    Benjamin, did you get my submission? I couldn’t tell … and then it was “gone.”
    thanks, your fingerpainting (but not computer savvy) friend, Amy

  • mike j ryon Says:

    paintbook portfolio:
    Both URLs given will take you to the individual paintings.
    Style: impressionist/abstraction
    favorite subject: landscape

  • SallyAnn La Main Says:

    Great idea Benjamin! I have previously sent
    you an email, ’cause like Amy , I also am not
    computer savvy ! Just wanted to say I think
    an alphabetical listing is best since I don’t
    have any one style.

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    again, thx to everyone who submitted this week: i will put you all on the list over the weekend, sorry for any delay πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan Grauel Says:

    Greetings and thanks for the opportunity. My work is centered around 2 themes: table top theater & my surreal world of villages. I do my digital drawing with the Brushes App on my iPhone. I have my work on flickr:
    My set of digital drawings here:
    In September I had the opportunity to show my iPhone paintings along side my canvas and oil pastel work for the first time.


  • Julian Wigley Says:

    Hi Benjamin,
    This looks like the place to list. Appreciate the generosity.
    Flickr site for Iphone works is
    All the best with the blog and directory,

  • Terilekst Says:

    Finally! There’s a nice website to be listed in!
    Thank you B. Sent the form.

    Here yall can find my iPhone paintings (using Brushes)

    And here’s more other stuff I make
    (pixels & vector(-mesh) stuff)

    greetz from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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