Wanna be in two places at once? There’s an app for that! (well, for Russ Croop anyway)


Dairy Panorama

Russ Croop, retired photography teacher turned iPhone artist, was featured in, not one, but TWO iphone art exhibits this past weekend. While featured among 25 artist from around the globe in the “iPhone Therefore iArt” at the Chicago Art Department, Russ also held a one man show entitled “Painting Through a Keyhole: the iPhone as Canvas” at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO. Both exhibits opened on January 8, 2010. And both proved to be hits.

Russ, who started his own photography company shortly after teaching, returned to his love of painting by way of his iPhone. Like many fingerpainters, he uses only his fingertip to create his pieces and paints with art apps such as NetSketch, Brushes, Layers and Colors.

russ and attendee

The Dairy Center for the Arts features a collection of Russ’s work, ranging from elaborate landscapes and city scenes from his travels to depictions of rooms and objects within his very own home. “Some people at the opening thought that I somehow manipulated a photograph to create the images. I explained that I usually just pull up a photograph on my computer screen and then sit in front of the screen and, starting with a blank canvas, finger paint the scene on my iPhone.” Russ says in an interview with Cultofmac.

a closer view

An exception to this process would be his piece entitled, “My Living Room”, which he did while sitting on his sofa watching television over a week’s time. This piece also happens to be the world’s largest iphone painting on record, consisting of 41,090 brushstrokes. “My Living Room” is featured in both CAD and Dairy Center exhibitions.

The show at the Dairy Center for the Arts will run until February 12, 2010. Aside from the large-scale displays on the wall, attendees can expect to watch video replays of his pieces being created on a large screen, stroke by stroke. (This proved to be a hit at the opening!) Check out this one of “My Living Room”.

What’s next for Russ? He was invited to do an “artist’s talk” at the Boulder, CO 29th Street Apple store this Wednesday, January 13th. He may do live stream video of this speaking engagement, so stay tuned!

He is also scheduled to do another talk at the Dairy Center for the Arts on February 3, 2010.

A little extra SCOOP on CROOP

Russ has been playing guitar since he was in high school. So it is no wonder that he would also explore a few music apps. Here is a song he put together using an app called Fourtrack. (if you listen closely, you may catch a little line about the iPhone.)

clip by Russ Croop

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