Making comics, the whole production line now on your iPhone

Benjamin Rabe

There’s a new meme in town, and it’s making comic strips on the iPhone. With the arrival of Strip Designer by Vivid apps. It’s a bit like plasq’s Comic Life on the iPhone, but where its iPhone version lacks multi panel support, this is the real thing. You can choose from many different templates, using up to four panels.

Fingerpainted comic – Burry&Cannot: On blank slates

Burry&Cannot: On blank slates

Burry&Cannot – THE LIFE OF A VEGETABLE AND ITS ARTISTIC HARE is a little pet-project of mine where I use Brushes and Strip Designer. As you can see, there’s the usual set of bubbles, you can allign them as you want, change size and tail, etc.

an unfortunate series of events

an unfortunate series of events by KevinBee

The latest update also let’s you add sound stamps, plus download and install your favorite fonts via sites like e.g. which is pretty awesome I think.

A very selective history

A very selective history by Matthew Watkins

More info: Vivid apps. And where’s an app for that, there’s also a flickr group for that.

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