New fingerpainting app ArtStudio

Benjamin Rabe

ArtStudio is a new iPhone/iPod Touch painting app by polish developer Sylwester Los of iPhone Clan.

iPhone Clan is another one-man-shop, “I implemented everything myself”, says Sylwester Los, “only with some design-help. After testing all drawing/painting apps i was not happy with either quality, performance or the interface. So i decided to create my own app”.

Here’s a good video-walkthrough:

ArtStudio is a feature-rich painting app, and with it’s simulated pressure activity, 25 brush tips, straight line option, etc. it’s a fresh competitor to SkecthBook Mobile which is another app that’s aims for a more clean sketchy style. Here’s the full feature list of ArtStudio:

  • 25 brushes including pencils, brushes, eraser, smudge tool, bucket fill (simple and smart mode), glow, tube, airbrush and many more
  • advanced settings offer 8 different parameters and real-time preview for all brushes
  • simulated brush pressure
  • line smoothing, antialiasing, zooming with filtering
  • 3 drawing modes: free draw with smoothing, free draw without smoothing, lines
  • very comfortable interface; screens can be displayed in simple or advanced mode.
  • quality and performance unmatched by any other app in the app store
  • 5 layers with options: add new / delete / reorder / duplicate / merge / clear / transparency / visibility
  • multi-touch navigation with unlimited zoom
  • advanced color editing with customizable color swatches
  • 6 levels of undo / redo
  • drawing lessons (animals, human, 3d, perspective)
  • filters: blur, sharpen, edge detect, sepia and more…
  • load/save/export to iphone gallery / import from gallery / get from camera / send by e-mail
  • additional “shake menu” with the most frequently used functions

Quite loaded, the two drawbacks so far are the missing tap’n’hold eyedropper tool and a higher resolution than just 320×480.

The most promising feature in my opinion though is the one hiding behind ‘drawing lessons’:


Lessons are step by step

“It’s a plain XML-format” Sylwester says in an interview. The lessons are step by step, with an animated tool cursor. I think there’s a huge potential in that.

Thanks to Corliss Blakely for the heads up, she also created a nice slideshow on how she painted her red poppy piece:

Red Poppy, by Corliss Blakely

8 Responses to “New fingerpainting app ArtStudio”

  • Sylwester Los - Lucky Clan Says:

    Thanks for this article.
    I’d like to inform that i will submit ArtStudio update in next few days with the following features: scale/move/rotate layer (with multitouch), online gallery, tap-and-hold to enable color picker and few more small improvements.

  • simki68 Says:

    this will be great new features!

  • suzi54241 Says:

    Can’t wait for the new features. Do you think you’ll be ever be able to increase resolution. Your app is amazing so far. Congratulations.

  • Sylwester Los - Lucky Clan Says:

    About resolution, here is the plan:
    1. i have to finish current update (i have it about 80% ready)
    2. ipad version
    3. higher resolution for iphone and maybe iPad

  • Thierry Says:

    Nice work! it’s a fine painting app.
    There are more useful day to day filters though than emboss and find edges… like adjustable Brightness/contrast and hue/saturation.
    On top of the other request, it would be great to have a transparency lock on layers and various brushes (same ones as in the other tools) for the smudge tool.
    Will look forward to try the next versions 🙂
    Well done!

  • Sylwester Los - Lucky Clan Says:

    Transparency lock – i’m not sure if i understand.
    I think you can create new layer, set transparency slider, then paint. After that you can merge layers.
    ps. Update is almost ready, i will submit it today.

  • Mia Robinson Says:

    i really really am so used to brushes that is difficult to break into another app without running back to brushes in a panic! lol…that said, this app is pretty nice…has an organic feel to it. I like the develoopment of the color picker…for me, with apps, the biggest issue is the color picker and the brush selection, I like to be able to do as much as I can in ONE window…like to be able to adjust my full brush in one place, and same thing with the color. I will use this one–in fact, I may try to use it exclusively for a stretch of time just to get comfy with it. Very nice development. Looking forward tot he updates! 🙂

  • Sylwek Says:

    Nawet interesujący tekst, aczkolwiek nie jestem pewien czy autor ma pełną rację.

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