“The World is at Our Fingertips”


Exhibition Flyer fingerpainted on ITouch by Susan Murtaugh

Fingerpainter, Susan Murtaugh, is expanding her repertoire and now trying her full hand (get it? :-)) at curating a show!  “The World is at Our Fingertips”is a show dedicated fingerpainting and educating the public on the use of iPhone/iPod tablet technology to make art.  The show opens this summer at the Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace in Kewaunee County WI and showcases 22 talented fingerpainters of all genres and artistic backgrounds.

The Flying Pig Gallery is a beautiful, ecclectic gallery and “eco-centric” garden space.  It is in the country, along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan.  People come from miles around for gardening expertise and to see new and cutting edge art—the perfect oasis for a new medium.  “The art tends to be off the beaten path, truly original, not in the mainstream at all. It’s why I like the place and enjoy visiting there a lot. And they make a darn good cup of coffee or tea or beer or wine, if that’s your fancy.” Murtaugh says.

Over the past year, the gallery has featured archival prints of Murtaugh’s fingerpaintings which have received an abundance of positive feedback.   It seemed to be a natural next step for the gallery owners to approach her about a show.  “The last thing I thought I would ever do in my life would be curate any type of art show.  Really.  But after helping get our European Fingerpainters’ art to the Chicago CAD show, with not a lot of sweat expended I figured I could do it again.”

Murtaugh has rounded up 22 international artists, with the goal of displaying a full stylistic range of what can be achieved with a finger (or stylus, in some cases) and iPhone/iPod.  Each artist is to submit 3 works to be printed and displayed during the exhibition.   Artists were chosen based on strict criteria. Murtaugh shares her approach to a very difficult (and overwhelming) selection process:

“The difficult part was limiting the group to 22 artists…that’s all the room the gallery could aesthetically fit.  My selection process was very hard. There are many talented artists out there, so first, they had to be practicing with their apps and equipment for as long as I have, which is when Steve Sprang first introduced Brushes.  Second they had to be “regulars” and producing good work on Flickr consistently. We have many who do a piece here and there—I was looking for those, very committed people that took part in the strengthening, advocacy and education of the fingerpainting community.  I also wanted to show a good range of different styles and people from different walks of life.”

The showcased pieces will be printed and framed by Murtaugh and her team at the Gallery.  Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile has also agreed to sponsor some of the show costs.

The Show runs from June 26 to July 31 at The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace located just south of Algoma, WI on Route  42 – the road to Door County.   A reception will held on Saturday, July 17.  There will be demonstrations of the technique and a Plein air paintout (for all to participate) on Sunday, July 11, 10 am – 5 pm.  Other events to be announced.  For more details on show concept and artists, click here.

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