Autodesk SketchBookPro for the iPad seems impressive

Benjamin Rabe

It’s day one after ipad-delivery-guy-day, so let’s have a quick look on one of the most anticipated painting apps for the iPad: SketchBookPro by Autodesk. Here are some first Impressions shared by Susan Murtaugh and Mia Robinson.

Painting by Francesco Salvati

First of all there’s a glorious set of 75 new brushes, including flowers and grass and a weird one that looks like hairy skin. Hidden in the brush area is also the long awaited smear brush.

Here’s a great sketch by Mike Miller showing the potential of the new brushes.
Sketchbook pro iPad sketch

The brush settings are now directly accessible via a toolbar, which is accessed by a 3-finger tap gesture as well as the puck and the new combined brush editor and color wheel. The color wheel also has RGB & HSB options as well as the customizable swatches pallet.

This is actually one of the opening tutorial screens, which are a great addition for newbies and pros as well. The 3-finger gesture also allows to quickly undo/redo and quick access the layer-/brush-editor by swiping left/right up/down respectively.

Straight lines and more

In addition to freehand painting, you can now also draw squares, circles and straight lines.

Instead of walking through the whole set of tutorial screens, here’s a video that gives a good impressions on fingerpainting on the iPad.

SkechBookPro is iPad only and available in the App-Store for 7.99$/5.99€.

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