An NYC Fingerpainters’ Convention?


"Time Square Corner" by David Leibowitz

There is a growing discussion about moving our interests and social activities beyond the Flickr streams and blogs to something a bit more…physical.  A group gathering!  A convention, of sorts, built entirely around concept of fingerpainting on our iTxxx (thank you, Patricio!). That would be iPhones, iPods and iPads. 

This gathering would allow for fingerpainters from all over to meet, collaborate with and maybe even hug some of the other artists they’ve been working with and following online for so long. It would also give us an opportunity to share techniques and ideas that would help us to further grow our skills in the medium.

So far, these discussions have taken place among small groups–emails, flickr threads and facebook. Though  is aware of only a few of these discussions, we also know that there are many more thoughts and ideas floating around the fingerpainting community–and we’d like to tap into them.

Now the NYC Fingerpainters Convention 2010 has formed. The facebook group is dedicated to turning this very intriguing possibility into a reality…a fingerpainters’ gathering in New York. (AAAHHH, what happens when you drop a group of very talented fingerpainters and/or iArtists in the Big Apple (yes, pun)?!) We shall see!) So far the planning is in it’s beginning stages.  There are a lot questions and ideas surrounding location (where in NY?) and activities. Formal versus informal. Gallery versus cafe…

We’d like to invite everyone into the discussion as the more input we have from the artists, the greater the possibility of making it a wonderful event! What sorts of activities would you like to see at a fingerpainters’ gathering? Would you come to a convention in New York? Would you prefer it to be a structured gathering with a set schedule–workshops, lead discussions, activities or would you like to attend something a little less formal. Where would you want to have one? Gallery? School? Cafe? Bar? It has been suggested so far to have it at a Gallery or have a sort of BarCamp (less formal).  It has even been suggested to have it be a moving convention (moved from one location to the next) with it ended as a group exhibition in a gallery or cafe.  

And then, of course, what would be the overall purpose for such an event?  What would you want to get out of a fingerpainters’ gathering?  To meet other artists? To produce fingerpaintings for a show? To develop style and techniques?

What are your thoughts? Share them under our comments (no suggestion is too wacky or farfetched!) 

You’re also very welcome to join the discussion on facebook.  🙂

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  • Sandy aka blueskyday Says:

    I suggest a swarm of some sort just for fun .. Benjamin Rabe sent me a link to a video on YouTube a while back. A group of people froze in place at a specified time in NYC Grand Central Station and held their positions for about a minute and then continued on their way!

    Group rates at a specified hotel would be good. Maybe a walking tour (a segway tour would be very cool). A paintout… Appearance on Letterman … Regis …at least an outdoor crowd appearance on GMA …;)

  • Helene Goldberg Says:

    It’s great that we have a blog as well as the facebook discussion. As I’ve said, I’m for more formal: having a set, dedicated space so we can really communicate without too much outside distraction and maybe some workshops or discussions about relevant topics like printing, exhibiting, different techniques etc. Hotel group rates would be good. If there are enough of us and if we can’t find a school, church, or some other meeting hall, we might be able to rent a meeting room in a hotel (if it’s not too expensive…. I have no idea what it would cost).

  • Luis Peso Says:

    Fabulous idea!! Yep, I’ll love to assist and the “where” for me should be anywhere but a church. (??) with all my respects, Helen. I guess we must be apart of religion or/and policy.
    It will be GREAT to meet you all!!!!!

    Workshops are a marvellous idea. I don’t know if this happen to you guys, but EVERYtime I show my artwork to someone, I have to show him/her how I do it. (99.9% people think is a retouched photo) So let’s show the world how we do it! 😉

  • suzi54241 Says:

    I am so there.

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