Sounds Like “iArt”


"Fisholin" by Deborah McMillion (done using ZeusMobile)

Fingerpainter Deborah McMillion (known as Hotel Midnight on the flickr stream) has taken on a rather intriguing challenge:  turning what she hears into something for all to see!

“Sounds Like Art”, an art exhibition at the Arizona Museum for Youth (the “AMY”) in Mesa, AZ, opened April 23rd and features visual artworks and fun-filled activities all inspired by the musical sounds of its youth orchestra.

"Flower Flute" by Deborah McMillion (Done using ZeusMobile)

Deborah, known for her “retro-surreal” paintings of strong independent women of the 50s, decided to take this as an opportunity to introduce her passion for fingerpainting to the young community of artists. In place of her traditional oils, she showcases small lacquered prints of works she created exclusively on her iPhone and iPad using ZeusMobile.

Deborah’s been invited to participate in past exhibitions at the AMY because her work is so accessible to children.  Her pieces in this exhibition are no exception.  Her fingerpaintings draw you into the magical world of music–from  “flowerflutes” and  “fisholins” to a beautifully illustrated bunny ballad. The response to both images and medium have been very positive.  “…most of the response was on the level of, ‘that is so beautiful why bother with oils?’ or ‘can you do this bigger?'”, Deborah shares with

"Rabbit Song" by Deborah McMillion (done using ZeusMobile)

To add to the excitement, the show also includes a well suited “cellphone tour”. Guests of all ages can dial in to learn more about the art and artists.  This, of course, enhances the theme of Deborah’s own work, and offers attendees a creative alternative to reading through the traditional Artist’s Statement.  Guests can dial up Deborah’s painting device directly and tap into a whimsical voice message describing inspiration behind her work.  Listen here:

Music Show Audio, Mono

“Sounds Like Art” is open to the public from April 23rd through July 4th.  Deborah’s fingerpaintings can be found in the front piece display case (right where you walk in–you can’t miss it!)  The exhibition features family-friendly artwork and activities of all kinds.

“I love showing there because they do so much more than regular museum shows.  It’s not just a gorgeous show, there are fun activities, workshops and films, and blue cupcakes!” Deborah says.

Deborah's pieces on display at the AMY

And for those who can’t make it out to Mesa, AZ, you can find a hefty display of Deborah’s iPhone and iPad work here.

Are YOU showing your artwork in your community?  Let us know!

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  • gregorylent Says:

    oh, art is the only thing the ipad might be useful for … music controller, finger painting (a huge return of this art technique) and something in the middle, because sliding one’s hands can trigger a lot of stuff ..

  • suzi54241 Says:

    Fabulous article Mia, and Hotel (I love calling her that) Is an inspiration to us all. I love that she is reaching out with her talents and curious, sophisticated insights. Her work is an inspiration and her passion shows with every color she “brushes” down. ^Up^ x a million for all she does. (Though you might want to change that 60’s decade to 50’s If I’m not mistaken that decade may make her vomit! LOL)

  • Mia Robinson Says:

    Ahhh, good catch! I fixed it! And I just added Deborah’s voicemail for the show! It’s really fun!

  • Debora McMillion Says:

    I should thank you here, too, Mia!! Terrific writing and I felt like I was there! I know I was but one gets shell shocked @ openings. Thanks Susan, too. You got that on the 60s! Brr! The 50s are surreal. And funny–! I signed on Flickr, forgot yo put my name (!) but now I like Hotel, too. Who knew? And—show was fun!

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