Start to Draw Your Life. A free eBook by Michael Nobbs

Matthew Watkins

Michael Nobbs has released a new eBook “Start to Draw Your Life”. You can download it for free here.

Let me tell you how Michael’s work influenced me personally. 

It was about a year before brushes came out and I started spending of my free time fingerpainting, that I had a significant personal event. A sort of epiphany. For several years work had interrupted my regular drawing and painting. I had not been getting out to galleries much. My sources of creative inspiration for the first time in my life were virtually drying up.

My interest in social media led me to Twitter. There I discovered the tweets of Michael Nobbs (@michaelnobbs). Every day  this soft spoken tea drinking Welshman tweets from his Aberystwyth hill-top about the best drawing and painting  and most creative people on the web. Everyday I would feast my eyes on brilliant works from talented artists and illustrators from around the world. I was staggered by the enormous talent.  I was hooked. Later I would have the occasional satisfaction of passing some links on to him also.  I bought his series of books “the Beany”. Michael  has had to concentrate very carefully on managing his time and physical resources and this brings a unique perspective to his drawing. He is an inspiration.

It didnt take me long to understand what had been missing in my own life. I dusted off a stack of unused moleskines and got down to it. I started drawing my life again.  About a year after this happy discovery I downloaded Brushes App. With my iphone I stopped drawing what was around me to concentrate on drawing from my immagination.

For me there has been no looking back.


Download “Start to Draw Your Life”.

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