Mobile Art Conference 2010 is a GO!


Could it really be happening?!

Earlier this month we mentioned small discussions about a Fingerpainters’ convention floating through the Flickr and email streams. Well, the idea has picked up momentum (and a heaping helping of support), and now is likely to become a reality!

Mobile artist everywhere have self-organized to form the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (“IAMDA”) (pending approval), an organization supporting and promoting mobile digital artists through the development of educational resources, workshops, promotional events and…*drumroll* CONFERENCES!

Although it is in its formative stages (still pending state approval for incorporation)—the organization and all 63 of its members—have taken on a very big (but irresistible) challenge: organizing an all-inclusive international conference to be held in NYC this upcoming October 2010.

Already the conference has received loads of support from developers and artists alike, all eager to meet and collaborate on topics ranging from printing and marketing work to group paintings and other interactive collaborations.

The planning team for the conference is earnestly working on securing a date and venue for this meeting. So far the prospective spaces look pretty promising and the lucky venue is  likely be confirmed within the upcoming week.

Artists, developers and anyone else interested in participating in this very exciting movement are encouraged to contribute ideas for the gathering–from workshop/presention proposals on the interactive conference site (or “wiki”) to IAMDA and conference logo design submissions on Flickr…there is room for everyone!  All taking part, near or far, to make this inaugural artists’ event a great success!

Wanna take part too? Pick up your digital canvas and join the movement! First, if you want to attend, sign up as a participant (this will help secure space and sponsorships–they need to see the artists’ support).  Have ideas on IAMDA or conference logos? Post them here! And don’t forget to join the facebook group for the IAMDA—the discussion boards will keep you updated on the organizational status of the IAMDA as well as conference planning activities and initiatives. Check it out!

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