SketchBookPro 1.1 for iPad

Benjamin Rabe

SketchBookPro 1.1 for iPad is here, with a good list on additions and one new feature that might kick in: video out.

Go big screen-ish

With the use of the iPad VGA dock connector (29 $/€) you can now mirror your painting process to another monitor, without all the toolbar action though, which might be a little drawback.

Preserved transparency

The other great feature, letting you refine shapes or areas already defined without having to care much about fringes, bleeding, etc.

(Example courtesy by Susan Murtaugh)

Other new features include blend modes for layers and a template library. For the full set added check out the blog entry or watch this video. SBMP 1.1 is a free update for existing users.

2 Responses to “SketchBookPro 1.1 for iPad”

  • suzi54241 Says:

    Not only can you video out to another monitor you can also hook up to a projector and show yourself working to an auditorium full of adoring fans…. Great Update and applause to the autodesk team. ^Up^ ^Up^

  • Kenneth mcClure Says:

    Sketchbook pro is a great drawing app for a low price. It’s 50% off right now for the fourth of July so it’s a steal up until tomorrow. I purchased a stylus from and it makes drawing in the program much like using a Wacom tablet on a desktop but portable. I can draw on the go now and not have all kinds of big equipment in the way while doing so. Love the iPad, love sketchbook pro. Thanks for a great app.

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