The Mobile Art Conference 2010 in New York is making headway

Benjamin Rabe

It’s still a road to go, but planning for first Mobile Art Conference in history is progressing. This is what we (Kara, Mia, John, David, Christine, me) are having established so far:


The con will take place at Tisch School of Art, whose mission is

to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies — how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people’s lives.

Sounds like the perfect place for the cause.


The main conference will be from 23-24 Oct 2010. As the con will be part barcamp, part scheeduled, there should be enough room to learn, listen, paint and share.

iamda: the association

As a very pragmatic need (renting a venue e.g.) the “Int’l Assn of Mobile Digital Artists”, short iamda has been founded. It’s a non-profit organization and open to all fingerapinters in the world.
Head over to, fill out the form and become a member today.
Since this is all pro-bono work so far, please consider how you can contribute to make this a great con:

  • add your name to the participants list
  • add your ideas to the proposed topics page
  • consider donating 🙂 (there’s a paypal button available)

Any questions, suggestions, worries? Please share!

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