Review: Inspire 2.0 painting app for the iPhone


(Review by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso of Granada, Spain)

Kiwipixel just released a new and interesting update for their app Inspire.

To me, their color blending method has been the best in the AppStore since I first played with the app. But with this update things are even getting better! It runs faster and smoother and I found it quite funny to play with.

Some new features

The main difference with previous versions is that now it’s possible to switch the realistic painting mode off. And it will give you some really interesting effects, e.g. the chance of making a sketch without the worry to reload your brush every while. Also, even in non-realistic mode, you’re able to select the dry brush mode, which is quite interesting to achieve some textures almost impossible in previous versions. (as you can see in the example below).

When “realistic paint” is off, we can select a value for the spacing of the brush.

Hot Spots

Finally, Inspire comes with eight hot spots giving you something that many wanted: speed!

You can set them to always visible but after a while you will be used to them so you can hide them, even turn them off in the Options menu. I can tell you this new feature is truly useful!

There’s also an eraser mode for all the brushes. I did not use it too much, but I found it useful during the sketch stage.

Now we have a new brush: the clumped brush. It is really useful when you want to texture, cause it blends great with a nice look:


Inspire has been the best realistic-painting simulator at the AppStore, but still, many people refused to use it due to its “tricky” menus or/and way of selection for brushes, pressure, size, etc. Now we have it all in-screen and we only need a touch to change those values, what makes the experience of painting (and blending) really fun and enjoyable.
To me Inspire has been always a Must-Have for whoever fingerpainting, with this update, I can tell Inspire is one of the most enjoyable painting app at the store. Yes, a must have without any doubt!
The cons, to mention something, may be that Inspire doesn’t come with layers yet, let’s wait and see for next updates 😉

They’re working hard on a HD version for iPad and that, my friends, will be heaven!!

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