iPhone 4: hands on, fingerpainters


Like many others, I found my self in line on June 26th infront of an Apple store. I avoided most of the crowds by waiting to go in after I got off work. This proved to be a good plan resulting in only a 90 minute wait to get to the head of the line. I’ve only used an Original (noG) iPhone since day one. The upgrade to the iPhone4 for me has been a large leap forward. For some of you fellow finger-painters using the 3GS, the speed may not seem to be as noticeable, but the Retina display alone is worth the price of admission.


The new iPhone 4 is very fast, it
now has the same A4 chip that the iPad
has, which means quicker app load times
and faster access to all of our favorite
drawing app features. I notice the jump when
utilizing layer options and effects. Transformations
of layers transition are much faster and cleaner.


The screen really packs a punch
with the new Retina display. Featuring a
960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. The
previous iPhones were only 480×320. When
you zoom in on your favorite drawing
app you will still see the typical core pixalation,
but at 100% view on screen your finished artwork will
have almost a laser printed clearity to it.


This is one of the main features
that users have been requesting since Day 1 of
the original iPhone. I find it a good and bad experience so far.
First the bad, if you leave to many apps open they will
eat up RAM usage and contribute to a quicker battery
drain. To avoid that I have tried to actively keep no more then a couple
apps running at once. The good, is I can now quickly
switch between a couple drawing apps eliminating the
load time of the app launch. It is even decent if you need to find
a quick reference online you can quickly jump between Safari and
your sketch app.


The main back Camera is
really great and very usable at 5mp and
720p HD for video use. The clearity
and preset process of the camera is almost
art untouched with vivid colors and captured
details. I find my self taking a lot more every images
and reference shots for lighting and textures. The
front facing camera is pretty decent too and is an
awesome step forward in mobile communication. I am hoping that an
App developer creates a real-time face time doodle app so that
video chat can be a bit more entertaining.


At this point just about every Creative App I have on my
iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 4 with optimization for the new
display specs. I am looking forward to further App updates from
the developers now that the iPhone 4 can handle similar tasks that
iPad can handle. I am hoping for more layers, more layer options,
and maybe masking and quick select in future releases over time.


The battery life of almost all new products these days usually meets
advertised specs. The iPhone 4 so far has been great with everything
that i have thrown at it. I have yet to dive into a larger illustration but I
wouldn’t worry about recharging as frequently as you might have on your older iPhone.

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