New device: the RingBow adds context actions to you finger

Benjamin Rabe

Very interesting working concept, the RingBow. Reminds me a bit of wacoms touch-strips – only wrapped around your finger.

“Basically, because touch-screens can only sense one type of input – touch – they lack designated keys such as the right-mouse-click, a “home” button, key shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl + C), etc. For that reason we have noticed that working with touch-screens can be much more efficient, fluent and fun if one is able to access such advanced commands without having to even lift one’s hands off the touch surface.”

…says Saar Shai of Ringbow. Here’s a video show the device in action:

Even though it might seem a bit akward at first glimpse, I like the idea of wearable interfaces.
The additional movement of the thumb to change size, transparency, rotation, etc. might actually be more natural than using a fancy stylus.
The RingBow is still in concept stage, more info on their site.

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  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    Interesting stuff…. This ring. I love that this has come out of seemingly nowhere. In my heart I knew it was a matter of time till our “master thinkers” would start making mobil art/games/apps even easier and better to use. Congrats. Can’t wait to see this develop.

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  • Valerie Beeby Says:

    Very interesting. I expect the Ringbow people are reluctant to give too much information about how you actually use this device, as it is in early stages. I did find it hard to see exactly what the finger was doing in the video though. I went to their website but this took several pages to tell me nothing further. I clicked a link for info and went to a page in a foreign script. Frustrating but the device looks really good and I am still very interested!!

  • Ringbow Says:

    Finger painters and all you touch screen users – we greatly appreciate all the interest with our product. as you may imagine, we are currently deep into development. this is why we are so thankful for your support, as we are striving to issue a working model as soon as possible. please feel free to join our facebook group for any further news and updates.

  • Mia Robinson Says:

    I am fascinated. You know, when I look at this thing, I more think of it as a tool to streamline the functionality of all my art apps. The hardest thing in the world is to move from one app to the next…and then have to reprogram myself to the different features and functions…if you could somehow program this ring thingy to do the same thing in every art program (ie, the same movement control brushsize in both Sketchbook mobile and Brushes)–i’d be totally willing to use it…off that alone. (I don’t know if that makes sense…)

  • Ringbow Says:

    Check out our new site (still partly under construction):

    See you there.

  • Ringbow Says:

    Ringbow now available. Also for painters, graphic designers and so on. Get yours at:

    We need all the support we can get. Please help us reach our goal.

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