Džepni fest2: A Festival of Pocket Art

Matthew Watkins

One of the most exciting mobile digital art festivals took place recently in the historic City of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina when the second Festival of Pocket Art (Džepni fest2) opened Saturday August 13

In the category of painting on mobile devices (Fingerpainting) president of the jury was Miroslav Ambruš Kiš.

The Grand prix award for Fingerpainting went to Cédric Phillipe for his superb “Carrots”
Second place went to American author Jonathan Grauel for “Optimal Elevated Observation”. Via a video conference Jonathan told his moving story about accident in which he lost a finger and lost his sense of touch in other 2 fingers, except the little finger. He showed to the audience on the big screen how he paints on his iPhone.
Third place was won by fingerpainted.it editor Benjamin Rabe from Germany with his humorous work “Muppets”.

Other awards included:

Short film category
jury president was a famous actor from Mostar Slaven Knezović.

Grand Prix “Grow, grow my green Pine” by Mario Rakitić and Ivan Ćavar.

followed by Dominik Bajo with the film “Bicycle,” and Daria Zelenika’s film “The youngest folklore singer in the World”.

President of the Jury Peter Trinajstić from Rijeka (Croatia). Prominent Croatian photographer and filmmaker

The Grand Prix went to Matthew Watkins for the IPhoneography “Hopscotch“.

Three more photography prizes were given
1. Kristina Ćužić (Mostar) – Hand,
2. Franjo Bosnjak (Mostar) – Radobolja,
3. Lana Šator (Mostar) – Quiet street.

Text Messages
In the category of text messages president of the jury was Veselin Gatalo, famous poet from Mostar.
The winners were:
Grand Prix and 1 place Dominik Bajo – MOST,
2. Andrić, A place of peace,
3. Marko Bokšić – Morning.

Abstract Expression
A special jury prize for abstract expression went to the artist from Mostar – Anita Tomic.

Organiser of the event and Fingerpainter Roberta Betty Barbarić from Mosta made a presentation about iAMDA (Internatioanal Association of Mobile Digital Artists) and the upcoming conference in Otober in NYC.

Thank you Roberta!!

Joseph Zelenika, Festival’s Director and Chairman of the Croatian Society for Culture and Arts invited all to send their works to competition in all categories of Pocket art FEST next year.

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