[preview] Inspire Pro for the iPad


(This is a guest post by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso, all paintings in this post by him.)

(This fingerpainting inspired by this photo by AlleyCat91)

I can remember how happy I felt when I heard KiwiPixel was working on an iPad version of their great painting-simulator app Inspire. This new kid on the block is called Inspire Pro and it turns out to be even better than I could expect.

Inspire Pro is a really enjoyable painting app, which keeps the simplicity of Inspire but allows us to paint at the higher resolution of the iPad screen. And it does it perfect. KiwiPixel has adapted the menus (UI) in a very useful way, simplifying the taps needed to access the different tools/options, so the fingerpainting experience is pure pleasure.

For those who haven’t heard about Inspire yet, I’ll say that this app is a really nice oil painting simulator. The Realistic Paint mode produces brush strokes that visibly decrease in paint amount until they become dry, at which they start to blend existing colors on the canvas. And I must say Inspire has the best blending engine seen on the AppStore.

A new feature I really love about Inspire Pro is that if you’re blending colors with the Dry Mode on and select a color with the eyedropper, it automatically changes to Off and lets you keep painting. I found this feature quite nice to add richness to my paintings due to the many color shades I can produce.

We also have the option to turn Realistic Paint mode Off. This is useful, e.g. to paint a sunset (blended colors using Realistic Paint mode) with buildings in the foreground painted with realistic mode off, so they will look more sharp.

Another great feature never seen before in a painting app is not only the ability to customize our color palette, but also different colors get saved every time we pick one with the eyedropper. This comes really useful when, e.g, picking colors from a photo. As it automatically saves the selected colors, we don’t need to open the color palette after picking a color.

As you can see in the example, I saved some of the selected colors from the ladybug (Latest) to my Favorites.

The menus have been redesigned and now we find a Paint menu and a Brush menu. This is very useful because it allows you to change all the brush parameters (size, rotation, etc) without the need of traveling trough different menus.

The conclusion is that this app is a serious, usable and enjoyable tool for every person, even if you never tried a painting app, due to its ease of use. For the experienced fingerpainters, well… aren’t you so excited to try its possibilities? 🙂

There are no layers yet (it will be very useful, at least one) but, personally, I find in this “lack” a great training thing, since I have to plan my paintings and it also pushes me to the traditional way of painting with oils.
The app has been submitted to the App-Store and awaits approval.

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