The é-stylo, a stylus for artists

Benjamin Rabe

By, fun form factor, but not available yet:

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  • Aman Says:

    But now it’s available.Infact,Plai has released the second generation of Estylo stylus(version 1.1) on kickstarter.1.0 was older version.This kickstarter project
    Is a successful funding.I just reviewed Estylo from plai on

    Estylo is really the most precise and accurate stylus for iPad I have ever seen.Second choice is Adonit Jot,although Estylo is ultimate stylus choice till now.Estylo is available at

    When using Estylo u write with angles,with corners rather than with a rubbery ball like tip,this makes Estylo unique.

    NOTE:Estylo is good only for sketching,not recommended for writing or note taking! 

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