Auryn Ink simulates watercolor on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Fun new app (iTunes) that computes a watercolor particle system while you paint.

Auryn Ink’s Key features (from the press release):

  • Watercolor simulation with edge darkening, granulation and back-run effects that all evolve and take form in real-time while you paint.
  • Choice of canvas texture that affects your brush strokes and paint flow.
  • Realistic brush model with control over pressure, bristle patterns, and more.
  • Unique color selector that converts your color choice into a virtual pigment.
  • Pigment simulation that blends color much like real watercolors combine: the wet pigments mix together and separate dry layers form glaze effects.
  • Control over amount of water on the brush, which influences flow effects.
  • Ability to paint with water alone to pre-wet the canvas for wash effects.
  • Concise control over drying the canvas, and completing (fixing) glaze layers.
  • Sensitivity to gravity: paint flows downward when the iPad is tilted.

The payoff for computing watercolor behavior seems to be resolution for now, but nice results nonetheless. The app is free for now.
AurynInk Test Drive

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