The Nomadbrush – an artist brush for the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

You have to watch the trailer to the end to actually see it in action. I’m not so sure about mimicking traditional tools to use on multi-touch interfaces though.

Nomad Brush for the iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

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  • Vensha Says:

    But the guys at PenGo Creative Tools launched a brush-pen at Comic Con in San Diego in July 2010. Their’s was the first and is patent pending too. – probably worth a look too.

  • Jon Says:

    Why on earth are you unsure about more traditional style tools? I’m so confused why you would resist this.

    Honest question, not complaining.

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    I think the design of a ‘traditional’ brush, using bristles or hair or whatever, was mainly derived from the need to soak up as much liquid color as possible, and to release it when in contact with an absorptive material, like paper.

    When switching to a disruptive technology (and I believe painting on multitouch interfaces is one such), we tend to mimic a learned user experience, sometimes neglecting that there could be so much more to discover by ignoring it. Look at how iBooks for example mimics the look of a book for no need. Reading on a haptic screen device can and should be in many ways different to books in order to keep both.

    That said, it’s still cool to give it a try! Has anybody had any experiences so far? Watching David Kassan using it, it seemed a bit tricky to use maybe?

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    OK I got one, and it’s very pretty, I want to dip it in watercolor but the instructions frown on it! LOL. It feels like a brush, looks like a brush and responsiveness is quite good. I was thinking it would be hit or miss. I find the tap and hold for color selection is sometimes compromised, as the bristles just mash down. But otherwise it works as advertised. So if you feel more comfortable with a brush go for it. I on the other hand prefer these and a highbred I’ve made for myself.

  • Sofia Says:

    Hello, introduce myself, my name is Sofia, I work in the creative world.
    People say – “normal brushes do not work on the iPad or a joke” and this I reply: “Yes, some brushes with the iPad normal function, and is not a joke.
    And so I leave it in suspense, just give me time to make the video (I hope I help a friend) and I will show how you can use a normal brush on the iPad.
    (Apologies for not writing well in English, use a translator)

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