SpectraBrush: paint with sound

Benjamin Rabe

SpectraBrush (itunes) was made as part of the “Sound, Image and the Brain: Cognitive Live-Arts Technology in Contemporary Game-Oriented and Accessibility Paradigms” project at Goldsmith’s.
Chris Kiefer of Goldsmith’s:

“Spectra Brush has emerged out of a program we made to explore the capabilities of the iPad for interactivity and audio analysis. We’re really interested in how people connect sound and vision and how people use creative software like this, so the application is sending us telemetry data from anyone who volunteers, and we’re hoping that we get some interesting insights when we analyse it later this year.”

So, when you hum low eg, you get these brush shapes:

On a higher sound level, the brushes look like this:

It’s a fun experimental app, you can grab it for free in the app-store.

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