Breaking News: Inkpad by Steve Sprang now in App Store

Matthew Watkins

The long awaited iPad vector app from Steve Sprang debuted at the last MobileArtCon has been released today  in the App Store.

Steve Sprang’s first app Brushes became an immediate sensation in 2008 triggering a fingerpainting revolution. Inkpad is a full feature vector software.

inkpad drawing

Here is the description from the app store:



From the creators of Brushes! Inkpad is a professional vector illustration app designed from scratch for the iPad. It supports paths, compound paths, text, images, groups, masks, gradient fills, and an unlimited number of layers. Inkpad was designed with performance in mind – it can easily handle drawings with hundreds to thousands of shapes without bogging down.

To celebrate the launch, Inkpad will be available for $1.99 for a limited time. Get it now before the price goes up!


• Very high performance. Select, scale and rotate hundreds of objects with zero lag.
• Create arbitrary bezier paths with the Pen tool.
• Create compound paths, masks and groups.
• Create text objects.
• Place photos from your albums.
• Powerful scale and rotate tools.
• Gradient fills with interactive editing on canvas.
• Swatch library.
• Unlimited layers per drawing.
• Rename, rearrange, delete, hide and lock layers.
• Snap to grid, points, and path edges.
• Isolate the active layer for easy editing.
• Email drawings as SVG, PDF, PNG and JPEG.
• Send SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG directly to your Dropbox.

23 Responses to “Breaking News: Inkpad by Steve Sprang now in App Store”

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    I have a free trial code for the first comment on this thread.

  • Gianluca Says:

    I’m looking forward to try it.

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    Hi Gianluca, I just sent you a trial code.

  • Rebelpapa Says:

    Very nice! I just downloaded it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Roz Hall Says:

    I’ve just downloaded it and had a little play in the office. Looks very intuitive, can’t wait to see what people manage to create on it.

    Now… must get back to work

  • Simki68 Says:

    Great. I’m curious. Hope to Download it sooooooon!

  • Performita Says:

    I’m soooooo excited, that I just can’t hide it!!!

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    So glad we now have the UNITED fingerpainters flickr group to post in too. Yay Steve Yay fingerpainters.

  • Dex Craig Says:

    I downloaded it last night and played with it a bit. It’s really easy to grasp, and powerful. I’ve tried most of the vector apps out there, and none compare to Inkpad for intuitive use. Having a good, portable vector illustration app in my toolkit is fantastic. Steve Sprang has done himself proud, and given us all a fantastic gift! (Again!)

  • Dan Hoffman Says:

    Just downloaded it and did some initial playing around. I second what Dex said above — I’ve tried out most of the vector apps and certainly in combining the most important features with ease of use and performance, inkpad comes out in top. The pen (bezier) tool, in particular, is one that seems to be a pain point in a lot of other apps, but works great in inkpad. Intaglio Sketchpad is also quite good, and a little more feature rich — for example, you can auto-generate uniform polygons (e.g. a hexagon), stars and even complex spirograph-like patterns. I think at least simple uniform polygons might be a good future addition for inkpad, but the other stuff is very specialized and not a must for most users. Sketchpad is also relatively pricy — 14.99. Not sure what inkpad’s price will ultimately be, but at the intro price of $1.99 it is definitely an incredible steal!

  • Dan Hoffman Says:

    I’m kind of wondering if the release of Inkpad the day before the iPad 2 announcement is more than just a coincidence? Maybe there are some additional iPad2-only features in the app?

  • Benjamin Rabe Says:

    good thinking, or at least IOS4.3 related stuff. i kinda miss more gesture based actions (cloning, copy&paste, etc.)

  • justin Says:

    all im missing on my ipad is a vector app, i hope this is the one.:)

  • Will Says:

    Is there a freestyle pen, like Adobe Ideas? Is there an eraser?

  • Rebelpapa Says:

    Also, I must say the narwhal is brilliant!

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    Check back here tomorrow. More Inkpad codes to give away!

  • squirrell Says:

    Very nice app, going to go and have a play now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    Free inkpad code for the next person to write INKPAD in one of the comments below!!!

  • ufogeek Says:

    INKPAD need to try this out!

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    Hi ufogeek, just sent it off to you!
    Let us know here at what you think.

  • Barry Smith Says:

    Just downloaded ink pad app at the same time as brushes app. Is there a support document available for ink pad as there is for brushes?

  • S Basak Says:

    Hi, Can I get an inkpad code please? thanks

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    No sorry, not from us. that offer expired. I can only say that the cost of the app is extremely reasonable and well worth the price.

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