iPad 2 Unveiled


iPad 2 has been unveiled with a fast approaching worldwide release date (March 11, 2011). Looks like its got some cool new features.  But are they enough?  Does it meet the mark for the mobile artist?

I had a wishlist for only a couple new features–MORE memory (to minimize crashing) and video-out–for ALL apps.  Though I have to say, the thinner, lighter in white does draw me a bit.

Check the list of upgrades:

  • Thinner, Lighter and WHITE – weighs 15% less than the original iPad
  • Faster – Dual Core A-5 chip–which makes it twice as fast
  • Two-way camera – for photos and face-time
  • Smartcover – special magnetic case that works sort of like the display screen/lid for a  laptop
  • Airplay – You can live stream movies, videos and photos wirelessly to your television
  • Video Mirroring – ChaCHING!  You can now do live demos or presentations directly from the pad. ALL APPS!

Looks like there’s no difference with price.  The base is still at $499.

I ask you–is it worth it? Who’s planning to trade or upgrade to the iPad 2?  Inquiring minds want to know…:-)

7 Responses to “iPad 2 Unveiled”

  • Susan Murtaugh Says:

    I’m in for a white one. Fine print in specs says finger proof coating, wonder if we can plein air paint without glare. I give it ^Up^

  • Mia Robinson Says:

    “finger-proof coating”–another draw. Definitely all positive upgrades. I’m certain that this new one is BETTER than the old one. I’m just not so sure its enough. Of course, this is me expecting a massive upgrade in another 6 months.

  • Kevin Bee Says:

    I will probably wait to try it in store, then probably upgrade this summer if i find my self near an apple store. I like the new cover and the screen mirroring features the best. I agree with Mia and expect a massive upgrade in the next version. I will probably hold out for retina display though. Its bound to happen the question is mainly when will it happen.

  • Dex Craig Says:

    So, part of me says, nah, I’ll wait. Then I see iMovie (which TUAW reports won’t run on the iPad 1) and think, “ooh.” And the presumably iPhone-like oleophobic coating on the screen, and the greater processing power (particularly important is the improved graphics power for us finger-painters), and I’m thinking, yeah, I’ll probably get one…..

    Oh, who am I kidding? I have my credit card in hand already! 9 days and counting….


  • squirrell Says:

    I’ve only just got my ipad and won’t upgrade. I like the cover though.

    Mia and Susan, the ipad screen protectors have a matt finish that hugely improve the fingerprint thing.

  • Michael Ives Says:

    From what I read on different Mac newsletters, the iPad 3 will be the one worth waiting for and the release date is not a long time off.
    I do like the white cover and hope we can begin using them outside.

    What I’m really waiting for is to be able to hook my iPad up to a projector and give my demos to audiences easily.

  • Matthew Watkins Says:

    Hi Michael, I think that VGA out is more of an app problem. Brushes, SKB, Artstudio, ideas and others all already support VGA out with the current iPad.

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