Johnny Scribble – An iPad Animation


I recently discovered a really cool and fascinating animated series called Johnny Scribble. Its about a well dressed (ok, well, i like his tie!) stick figure who faces endless threats of of mobile digital mayhem orchestrated by his arch nemesis Bowtie Bibble. The series is drawn and animated on an iPad using Red-Software’s Animation Creator HD app .

The  high quality and clean animation in “Johnny Scribble” demonstrates some really stellar possibilities with the medium. It is also one of the best displays of iPhone/iPad animation I’ve come across to date.

Not to mention, this less than 2 minute ‘toon is jam-packed with the type of action you just don’t want to miss. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat, clinging to you “mobi-digi” tools, wondering in suspense,  “What will Bowtie Bibble do next?!

Check out Episodes 1 & 2!

Sucked in yet? 🙂


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