Call for Submissions: U Scribble


(Note: Submissions deadline on flyer has been extended to mid July)

Johnny Scribble, a rising superstar and cult-favorite among Hipsters and stick figures everywhere, is calling for back-up!  You might remember we introduced this Bond-like mobi-digi daredevil to you a couple months back.

Well, if you’ve been following the series, you might have noticed that the antics of his foes are becoming more and more challenging.  Plus he’s picked up a new love interest…(hmmm…)

Perhaps Johnny needs more than his tie to thwart the wicked ways of arch-nemesis, Bowtie Bibble (and possibly gain the love and respect of the beautiful Ms. Delilah! 🙂

What to do? Well, Tyrell Bramwell, creator of this supercool character, is asking folks in the mobi-digi community to try their hand at making an even COOLER Johnny. (is that possible?)  I found the challenge a little irresistable…I mean…I like his tie and all…but…

Anyway, on my way to the office last week, I did a little U-Scribble for the call.    Here goes *gulp*…

I know…the lines…the LINES…(he’s a bit wrinkley).  Think you can do “cooler”?  Take a break and do a quick U-Scribble for Johnny.  They’re accepting all types (so you’re free to put a little extra weight on him too)  and the kicker?  All accepted submissions will be featured in the upcoming episode of Johnny Scribble.  Check the blog for submission rules (he’s a relaxed cat…so there are very few.) Most of all…ENJOY!

By the way, the series was recently adopted as the official animation for Red Software. (Congrats!)  And the J-Scribble crew is now designing tutorials for those wishing to do some of their animation on the pad.


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