New version of Artrage released for the iPad.

Matthew Watkins

Here is the word from Ambient Design on the new release:

What’s New in Version 1.2.0
Seeing speed problems? Check out the Help Guide in the app for some easy troubleshooting steps!

– Script Recorder: Record your paintings and play them back at higher resolution on a desktop machine. 1.2 adds Script Recording to the application: You can turn on the Script Recorder when creating a new file, and every stroke you paint will be recorded to a script file. Script files can be exported via iTunes or sent directly by email to play back in a desktop version of ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro. More information on scripts and recording can be found in the Help section under Files.

– Export PNG: As well as emailing and saving copies of your paintings to the Photos app you can now export PNG copies direct to iTunes.

– Fixed a problem importing images larger than 1440 x 1440 to layers and references. All forms of image import should now correctly handle images of any available size.

– Updated the Help section on ‘Files’ to cover scripts and improve explanations of how to handle files in ArtRage.

– Added troubleshooting tips to the Help section for users who experience speed problems: Many speed problems can be solved very simply by following a couple of easy steps. See the Speed & Memory section in the help files!

– Adjusted Import Image to Layer to scale to fit the current canvas on import.

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