About fingerpainted.it

In 2008, Steve Sprang released that little app called Brushes to the ever growing iPhone-appstore. It allowed you do fingerpaintings on the iPhone in a very simple and intuitive way.  Some weeks later, Stef Kardos, an art-director at Disney, posted some extraordinary paintings on his blog. A flickr-group soon formed around the Brushes App and accumulated a vast amount of diverse and utterly creative painters and art work. This trend was covered on wired and the Telegraph.

Now there are thousands of iphone, ipod and ipad paintings and fingerpainted Iphone art has swept the world by storm. The Apple iPad has met with immediate approval from fingerpainters. Who know’s where this will take fingerpainting.

This blog is a place for artist-portraits, for painting-related app-reviews and of course a place for the overwhelming diversity of the artwork itself.

Expect lookalikes, mashes, painting-ping-pongs, infinite-hose-art and many many more.

Who does it?
Benjamin Rabe is a web-designer at day-time, doing many conceptual work in the fields of web2.0. He also codes a lot of HTML/CSS, likes Rails and bunnies.
Always wanting to become an illustrator, he luckily joined the iPhone-painting meme starting earlier this year. Ever since then he has sketched over 200 paintings and owes it all to Steve Sprang and his fabulous Brushes app, as well as to the vivid flickr-group for Brushes artwork.

Susan Murtaugh is a retired artist, community volunteer and co-author on fingerpainted.it

Matthew Watkins Matthew is from Toronto Canada, he now lives and works in Southern Italy and gave the site it’s funny name.  Matthew paints “Orphaned Stories”  and just about anything else that runs though his head.