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  • Xoan Baltar

    Quoting Seeds and Fruits “Spanish artist Xoan Baltar is an accomplished illustrator and painter and one of the leading talents in the world of iPhone art. (…) A native of the region of Galicia, Xoan follows in the footsteps of a long tradition of Spanish masters, and his work is as revolutionary and socially relevant as that of any who have come before him.”


  • lady in white

    Kevin Barba

    Influenced by comic books, vintage sci-fi/horror movies and Belgium style beer…….
    Kevin is an Illustrator and Character Artist in the Chicago area. From 9-5 he spends his time as a Product Development creative for collectibles and holiday decor. When not drawing on his iPhone he can be found behind his drum set or at his desk plotting his next project/creation.


  • Mandrill Female (after Velazquez) John Bavaro

    John Bavaro

    Although I fought it for many years through experimentation with abstraction and graphic forms, I eventually came to some sort of peace with the fact that I am a realist painter. That makes me one of millions. So what.

    My contribution, however to this genre is to try to be rather direct, unsentimental, and not to force irony or distortion on my subjects. Yet I hope that still comes out in the paintings, such as when I paint primates in the style of Vermeer or Velazquez. I hope that the viewer will see “something” deeper in the artist’s hand and the sitters gaze that illuminates an inner reality.

    My recent acquisition of an iphone, and the “Brushes” app, ironically, expanded me greatly. The quick painting style that the small screen affords, and the tactility of the process are the closest I’ve felt to “pure art” for quite a while. While some decry the digital media as a “slippery slope” towards the loss of art’s personality, I would posit that touch technology is actually getting the “pencil” CLOSER to the “paper” than it’s ever been before.

    flickr website

  • The Artist Gardener iPad painting by Corliss Blakely created with Brushes

    Corliss Blakely

    I’ve been painting in oils for the pass 20 years. This year after getting an iPhone I have started painting and just love it…. My favorite apps are ArtStudio, brushes, layers and inspire.


  • Benoit Baude

    “so i am benoit baude known as toubab.
    i’m a french freelance illustrator who live in lille in the north of france!
    i’m an eclectic painter who love to paint with all tools i can get, digital or traditionnal, for some mixed media work!”


  • Week 31: Dorothea Tanning

    Valerie Beeby


  • Matthew Connors – Hoboken, NJ, USA

    Matt tumbled into the world of fingerpainting when helping the prepare the first iPhone cover art for The New Yorker by Jorge Columbo in June of 2009, and hasn’t really looked back, except at his iTunes bill from all of the apps he’s become addicted to. His favorite weapons of choice are still Brushes and SketchBookMobile, with a 10-way tie for third place.


  • Russ Croop – Boulder, usa

    “I am a professional photographer. Lately, I’ve become fascinated with painting on my iPhone.”


  • Greg Durrett

    “My background is in photography and visual effects. I like the immediacy and convenience of this diminutive platform, and am constantly amazed at what the finger painting community comes up with. I love to paint architecture, but I’m always trying to expand my subject matter…”


  • Locked Out

    Rita Flores

    “My work is mainly figurative and landscapes. The apps that I use the most are Brushes, Layers, and Sketchbook Mobile. I’ve been posting my work to flickr and participating in the flickr groups like Iphone/Itouch artwork on an assigned subject and Fingerpaint This!”


  • Jeff Gill

    “I use mostly Brushes, plus the occasional quick sketch in Vellum (and a little Type Drawing and Layers for good measure). My work is kind of cartoony.”


  • Girl with the puple hat

    Helene Goldberg

    “I’m always experimenting with styles and apps. My main app is always Brushes. I’ve done 700+ since June. ”


  • Jonathan Grauel

    My work is centered around 2 themes: table top theater & my surreal world of villages. I do my digital drawing with the Brushes App on my iPhone.


  • Grodenaue, Borja Aguado


  • sheep

    Joseandrés Guijarro-Ponce

    “has worked as a historian, editor, designer, publicist, illustrator…
    …and it is also a gynecologist, so he’s used to working with his fingers. That’s why his old fondness for watercolors and computer design and its hatred for mobile phones got dumped the minute he discovered Brushes and with it the possibility fingerpainting on his phone.
    He lives at Cuenca, a small city of Spain, with his wife, a couple of twins, a dog, a rabbit, two turtles and soon a few hens.
    Lawless and a gynecologist, his name could not be other than ‘la legra negra‘ , the ‘black scraper’”


  • Unexpected surprise.

    John T. Halliday

    “Artist and creator. By day I work in advertising, by night I paint and explore with my iPhone. First iPhone creation July 09.”


  • Michael P. Ives

    “Expelled from Catholic School in the 8th grade for being a smart aleck and receiving a D- in the only art class he ever took, Michael spends his days painting and making wood folkart at his studios in Tucson, Arizona and Lanikai, Hawai’i. He bought his first iPhone in December 2009 and enjoys breaking the day up between his conventional brush on canvas work and the digital world of the ‘Brushes’ app.”



  • Julia Kay

    “I’m an artist, analyst, aikidoist and teacher of the Alexander Technique, living in San Francisco, California, USA.
    I made my first drawing on my iPod Touch in July, 2008 using the No. 2 app. Since then I have made hundreds of drawings using many different apps, including Brushes, Layers, Paintbook, Sketchbook Mobile, Zeusdraw, Inspire, No. 2, Pollack, Vellum, MagicBrushes, Colors, ColorTilt, Type Drawing, Doodle Buddy, and others. In July, 2009 I joined flickr and started participating in the many wonderful communities there.
    My subjects in general are people, plants and animals, though I also have some narrative pieces and some landscape. Since I make an image of myself every day, the vast majority of pieces are portraits of some kind. Not sure about style – somewhere in the fauvist/expressionist spectrum I suppose.”


  • In our little town

    Simone Kirschning

    “I love painting with Brushes, Eastern Drawing and Sketchbook Mobile. There are so many styles possible. I have to try out in the future!”


  • Kara Jansson Kovacev

    “I originally started doing iphone drawings and puppets as sketches for my other work, but the pieces sort of took on a life of their own. It has been amazing having this pocket art studio with me at all times to capture fleeting idea.

    Most of my work is about time, or maybe the lack there of. I try to create a vacuum where some indistinct distant past and future can comfortably collide.

    Influences and interests include 15th-17th century Dutch painting, symbolism, medicine, programmable electronics, mythology, early Puritan America, space and the future.”

    flickr website blog twitter

  • Cliff

    SallyAnn LaMain

    “I started painting in March 2009 on an iPhone & use Brushes App. almost exclusively.”


  • Boys in Flight

    Joey Livingston

    “I’m 33 years old. I live in Pensacola, FL, USA. My childhood was filled with all kinds of arts: visual art, music, drama, etc. I was sure I would grow up to be a cartoonist or illustrator, but my life took a big turn just before my senior year of high school. Fast forward 10+ years, and I’m working as a web application developer and partner of a UK based web design agency (some would say almost the exact opposite of what they expected me to become, technical rather than creative; but actually, I find that programming can be very creative). I’m happy in my job; I get to work from home, and set my own hours to a great extent. But I’ve always had that creative, artistic energy inside me, wanting to be released every day. Technology makes it more and more possible for me to express those energies on my own time, in my own terms, when and where it is most convenient. The iPhone has opened up exponentially more creative possibilities and outlets for me than anything that has ever come before it, particularly in visual art and music.
    I love fingerpainting on the iPhone. My favorite fingerpainting apps are Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile. I’ve made more leaps in my growth as a visual artist than I ever thought possible at this stage in my life, and I’m looking forward to growing tons more in the coming week, month, year, decade. I’m also excited about making new friends with all of you as we all grow together in this brand new medium!

    My favorite style, generally speaking, is cartooning/illustrative, though that is quite broad within itself. My favorite artists of recent include names such as Cyril Pedrosa, Kazu Kibuishi, Jake Parker, Rad Sechrist.”


  • Alice in Wonderland's MAD HATTER (1280 x 1920)

    Novomir Lobanov


    flickr site twitter facebook

  • Lumilyon

    “I am an English digital collage/scrapbook /Mixed Media artist, creating images with my Mac and iPhone. I am also a genealogist and often develop work inspired by real or imagined personal stories, that incorporate vintage ephemera and objects; family and found photographs and those taken with my cameras and iPhone, Creating textures plays an important role in my work, much of which explores issues of memory, loss and longing and I strive to convey specific emotions and atmospheres. I am currently exploring how to use the iPhone as a device with which to create Art Journal pages. I utilize a multitude of Apps.”


  • object 9: Red Stripe Lager Beer

    Rob Mance

    “I like to paint everyday objects, I take pride in them being a bit wonky and I love using the Brushes app. I am addicted and struggling (not that hard) to control the addiction.”


  • Louise LaFolia Marched To The Beat Of A Different Sarabande

    Mary Martz

    “aka flickchick2, zizalina
    Passionate iPhone creative since January, 2009, I consider myself an illustrator rather than a fine artist. I am fascinated by faces and fashion.”


  • Complicated - part 2

    Cesar A. Mascarenhas

    “from Brazil, style: Cartoon/Charge. I love to try different styles, but almost all the drawings reflect some kind of good mood.
    Well, most of them! Direct lines, distorted shapes, shadows…not forgetting the textures.
    I love to express myself/draw in my iPod.”


  • Mountain Wildflowers

    Tim McEvoy

    “I’m a professional designer and artist living in New York City. I started using a Nintendo DS to make pictures a couple of years ago with the homebrew application “Colors!” (which is also now available on iPhone). Since then I’ve done work using a range of apps, but mostly with Brushes, Sketchbook Mobile, and Photoforge.
    My subject matter ranges, depending on what I’m interested in at the moment. Lately it’s gone from landscapes to illustrative, comic-book styles, to abstractions. For the most part I’m drawn to creating detail and texture, tonality and unique spaces.”


  • Don't Fear The Reaper.

    Lee McGuire

    “Style: Doodling.”

    flickr tumblr

  • Before the great fall

    Mike Miller

    “…was raised on a steady diet of Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Peanuts, and Marvel Comics. These days he designs websites in Boulder, Colorado and helps raise three rowdy boys with his far too patient wife.


  • Quilt corners

    Amy Nelp

    “…better known as Baumysue on flickr. I’ve been painting on the iPhone since May of 2009 and LOVE it!! Mostly my paintings are representational and my subject matter seems to change all the time. I use Brushes about 90% of the time with occasional dips into other apps, but I always seem to come back to Brushes. (It fits me well.) I studied art in college (what seems like a hundred years ago) but went into teaching instead, so that put my artwork on the back burner. With the career and raising a family, I only occasionally got to paint. Then after years and years, I started doing some acrylics for a fictional book writer and his book covers and also some huge murals and furniture painting. These were ALL put aside when I discovered Brushes on my iPhone!

    I’m so grateful for our flickr group of iThingy artists to bounce things off of and to get inspiration from and to grow with. I’m LOVING iPhone ART!!”


  • Nini

    “…based in San Francisco Bay Area — I like experimenting with different apps, but seem to be drawn more to Brushes. I like the feel of Layers and Sketchbook Mobile also and have used them many times with Brushes. I have always loved the arts and have tried oil, watercolor, acrylic, and even some of the digital art programs, but I haven’t been as passionate as I am now with digital fingerpainting. And as these apps continue to improve in facility and versatility, I too intend to move along with all the creative ideas that this new world inspires.”


  • _/_

    Deborah McMillion

    “a.k.a. Hotel Midnight, I’m a professional fine artist, former member/President/curator of MARS Artspace and illustrator.
    I began Fingerpainting on Scribble (!) primarily to jot ideas, which evolved into it’s own thing. I upgraded to Brushes and then Zeusdraw Mobile. I have since added Juxtaposer, Magic Brushes and FrameIt! I’ve been using Zeusdraw Mobile primarily now for about 15 mos. I now spend 1/3 of my “art time” doing Fingerpainting. My work is figurative surrealism and as it’s based in the 1950s I call it “Retro-Surreal”. ”


  • kissKiss

    Susan Murtaugh

    “Retired Artist and community volunteer. A good mom and wife. A pretty good cook, she lives on and loves Lake Michigan. She’s an avid Apple user and carries her iPod Touch & her ModBook everywhere. She also loves her dogs, good cheese and the occasional dessert.”


  • Medusa (2010)

    Gabriel Palacios

    “‘m an Information Technology Consultant. Business Intelligence is the area I cover most.
    I’ve been drawing all my life as a hobby.
    I’m finger painter since december 2009 and want to be the same forever.”

    flickr blog twitter

  • Christmas doggy

    Luis Peso

    “…a goldsmith, designer and illustrator; he leaves his sketchbook and pencil at home since he got on his iPod Touch and now the most important moment every day is the coffee-Brushes time.

    He loves to imagine and draw alternative realities, amazed by several artists and styles”


  • Bruno Prezado – Lisbon, Portugal

    “I combine a painting and a small story into characters, inspired by what I see in my hometown, Lisbon. ”


  • Sexy Back Oriental Painting

    Farik Osman

    “29, from Singapore, but you can call me Farik or people know me as ThreeFive. Started this hobby last year some time in April 2009. And have ever since been loving it, and enjoying it so far. The people, community and support that you get have always been super! I love doing character designs and enjoy drawing girls for the better part of it. Look to expand my potentials further this year!”


  • Subzero Sunny Country Road

    Paul Quie

    “I am a artist living in Stillwater, Minnesota. I studied art in Lugano, Switzerland under Brian Stanford many moons ago, visiting St. Ives, England with Brian inspired my artisitic underpinnings. Exploration of the creation of images has become my passion. I look forward to sharing my passion with you.”



  • Curious moment for a flower

    Benjamin Rabe

    “mostly bunnies.”


  • Early morning painting lake cathie, just back# iPhone art

    mic rees

    “iphone art with brushes, fresh and quick and on the go. love this portable studio!”


  • Self Portrait (without "Pollock Eye")

    Mia Robinson

    “…but I’ll go by MRob or MiaBia too! I have always loved art…both creating my own and viewing art from others. So it seems only natural that I’d love doing tribute work. Also love sketching people on the train or those out and about. I’m still a bit experimental with style and technique. But no matter how experimental I get, I will always LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brushes and Pollock apps. More than likely, you will see AT LEAST one of them used in all of my work.:-)”


  • Tangled Climb

    Michael Ryon

    “I live and work in ne Kansas just far enough away from the KC/Topeka metroplex to have an intense night sky, I’ve actually seen the northern lights from here.
    Paintbook changed my life quite considerably. I jumped out of the void and into the critique. I began the i-paintings on Aug 12, 2009. A birthday present to myself that really changed the way I see. Brushes followed, but PB had my admiration for it’s purist (no import) aspect. I fingerpaint whenever the idea comes, and iPhone/touch paintings have such a unique “signature” I’ve become fascinated with that aspect too! Thanks to my Dad, and Linda Vining for encouraging me to join Flickr and Twitter, and Mia, for introducing me to the”


  • Demon- sort of Balrog

    Thierry Schiel

    “My job as an animator is now exclusively set in the 3D realm. My favorite tools being 3Dsmax and Zbrush but I also use Maya.
    I created and directed two animated feature films and a short one with CGI. I love drawing, animating and painting.
    I recently discovered the joys of drawing on my iTouch. I like the conveniency of creating on it anywhere I like, it’s like having a sketchbook and a paintbox in your pocket (I wish I had more time to use it though…days have become way too short, thanks to my 7 months old son”

    TheFingerpaintersflickrsiteMobilArt eBooks

  • Edward Revisited

    Sandra Schmidt

    “The frequent subject of her paintings her cat Edward, who in life is the “most personable and funny cat I’ve ever encountered.” Sometimes she just starts doodling and then decides what the object is. Previous to Brushes she’d paint with oils on canvas but would only complete one painting a year due to time considerations. “Brushes is easy, fast, portable, and no more mixing linseed oil, turpentine, and other toxic chemicals (a twist on the “green trend”) Saving the earth through painting”


  • photo

    Torben Strobel

    “I try to work at least an hour a day, barring that, do at least one drawing or painting. I like to draw people, often in a fantasy setting if not taken from life, and I feel more comfortable with a line drawing as opposed to color.”


  • Philip Vetter

    “Enjoy landscape paintings/illustration with a variety of apps. I also enjoy quick gesture sketching of anything.”


  • abstraction #1178

    Patricio Villarroel

    Patricio was born 1947, and as manyfold as his work, so is what he does when not fingerpainting: being a musician, and a teacher at music school and university.
    “I have been always drawing, started computer art on 1995″


  • Movin' out 2

    Matthew Watkins

    “I had no idea painting with my finger would be so much fun.” Matthew is from Toronto, Canada, he now lives and works and paints in Southern Italy


  • Chosen

    Brian Weaver

    “I use Brushes and SketchBook Mobile. I started using Brushes in December of 2008 and joined the Make Something Cool Everyday Group on flickr. I then discovered the Brushes Group and a whole community of talented fingerpainters. For awhile I was painting just robots, but I’ve now moved onto more varied subject matter. I do like to paint and sketch from my imagination, always trying to tell a story with my work.”


  • Mrs Stern

    Julian Wigley


  • Lorraine Young

    “I fingerpaint mostly with Brushes, but also like to play with many other art apps! Since I began in July ’09, and discovered the fabulous flickr iphone artist communities, I have learned so much – my style is developing, changing, and growing all the time!”


  • Eiko Zewuster

    “this is wat i made on my iphone, i used the apps sketchbook mobile and photo fx”