Up until Nov 2008 SteveJohn had never created a digital image.  His creative practice involved working from his studio where he worked like an Alchemist painting on Canvas and heavyweight paper using oils and other mixed media. It was after a serious nerve injury in his painting arm that he took to creating digitally on his iPod Touch. The injury has meant that he is still unable to paint in the way that he used to but maybe the cliche of  ‘as one door closes another opens’ really does apply here!

‘I created my first digital artwork in November 2008 with iPhone apps on a 1st Generation iPod Touch.  I now use an iPhone 3G which allows me to create in a way I had only previously dreamed of~ To be able to “Create~Display~Share” whilst sat in a cafe, stood in a Queue or lay in bed has been a revelation’.

To see more work by SteveJohn visit:

flickr, to see his daily iPhone artworks.

twitter, to join and to discuss latest iPhone art/app news.

youtube, to watch videos showing his artworks come to life stroke by stroke.