Thierry Schiel

“I’ve been for many years in the animation industry,  and have worked as traditional animator on quite a few international productions.”

“My job as an animator is now exclusively set in the 3D realm. My favorite tools being 3Dsmax and Zbrush but I also use Maya.
I created and directed two animated feature films and a short one with CGI. I love drawing, animating and painting.”
“I recently discovered the joys of drawing on my iTouch. I like the conveniency of creating on it anywhere I like, it’s like having a sketchbook and a paintbox in your pocket (I wish I had more time to use it though…days have become way too short, thanks to my 7 months old son 🙂  ).
It seems I’m not the only fool ruining his eyes on such a small device,  so a couple of months ago I thought of collecting the best artworks currently being done around the world on it and compile them in an ebook. The result can be seen on the appstore, the free app is called MobilArt1. Reviews and downloads have been good sofar.”
Find out mor about Thierry on his site.