Feb 21 2011

Another look at Styli

We’re all pretty good when it comes to using our fingers to get around on our digital devices but some of us prefer the comfort of a capacitive stylus for drawing and painting. I am one of those. Like many I started out with the pogo by Ten One Design and I was happy to have it securely clamped to my iPod touch when I traveled. The little sponge tip is pretty reliable though it is the slowest, because of the sponge drag on the screen. Some find they need to apply pressure to the tip as well in order to get it to connect with the screen. I’ve not had that problem. They come in 2 styles the shortest of the bunch, clips to the side of your iPhone or the slightly longer pocket clip version. They both retail for $14.95.

The next most popular versions are the BoxwaveGriffin, and Targus.

Feb 21 2011

Mobile Art Con 2011 announced!!


Yes, it is official! Mobile Art Con 2011 is a go!  We have confirmed the dates and location for iAMDA’s 2nd Annual International Conference…err..UN-Conference, and now we want to share it with YOU!

Mobile Art Con 2011 (new name pending) will set up shop at NYU ITP for a 2nd year.  The conference dates are confirmed for October 1-2, 2011 with art making activities, events and ‘happenings’ running the full week prior (9/25-9/30).

We anticipate a bigger and even more exciting event than last year!   If you weren’t able to make it to last year’s gathering, this is your opportunity to see what everyone’s been talking about!  And if you made last year’s–well, let’s just say, it was only the beginning! :-)

So STAY TUNED, everyone! Info on events, travel and how to submit workshop proposals will be released over the next few weeks.

Wanna volunteer? Become a MobileArtCon 2011 Sponsor? Or perhaps you have some ideas about activities or things you’d like to see at the next MobileArtCon. Email us and let us know!

*Note:  The above image was fingerpainted by JoseAndres Guijarro Ponce at  Times Square during MobileArtCon 2010.  To view more images and video from last year’s conference, visit www.MobileArtCon.com or check out iAMDAOrg’s YouTube channel.

Jan 12 2011

Oprah’s onto Fingerpainting


Autodesk (creators of Sketchbook Mobile and Sketchbook Pro for iphone and iPad) have teamed up with O Magazine to create Sketchbook O,  a free drawing/painting application for readers who’d like to explore and partake in the joys of fingerpainting.
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Sep 24 2010

[preview] Inspire Pro for the iPad


(This is a guest post by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso, all paintings in this post by him.)

(This fingerpainting inspired by this photo by AlleyCat91)

I can remember how happy I felt when I heard KiwiPixel was working on an iPad version of their great painting-simulator app Inspire. This new kid on the block is called Inspire Pro and it turns out to be even better than I could expect.
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Jul 9 2010

iPhone 4: hands on, fingerpainters


Like many others, I found my self in line on June 26th infront of an Apple store. I avoided most of the crowds by waiting to go in after I got off work. This proved to be a good plan resulting in only a 90 minute wait to get to the head of the line. I’ve only used an Original (noG) iPhone since day one. The upgrade to the iPhone4 for me has been a large leap forward. For some of you fellow finger-painters using the 3GS, the speed may not seem to be as noticeable, but the Retina display alone is worth the price of admission.
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Jun 28 2010

Review: Inspire 2.0 painting app for the iPhone


(Review by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso of Granada, Spain)

Kiwipixel just released a new and interesting update for their app Inspire.

To me, their color blending method has been the best in the AppStore since I first played with the app. But with this update things are even getting better! It runs faster and smoother and I found it quite funny to play with.

Some new features

The main difference with previous versions is that now it’s possible to switch the realistic painting mode off. And it will give you some really interesting effects, e.g. the chance of making a sketch without the worry to reload your brush every while. Also, even in non-realistic mode, you’re able to select the dry brush mode, which is quite interesting to achieve some textures almost impossible in previous versions. (as you can see in the example below).

When “realistic paint” is off, we can select a value for the spacing of the brush.
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Jun 9 2010

Dont Look Now, But There’s An Android in the Room


"The Bridge" by Philip Vetter (using Sketcher app for Android on HTC Hero)

Well the time has arrived for some healthy competition!

Most mobile digital artists have become quite comfortable associating fingerpainting with Apple products–many using words like “iPainting” and “iArt” to describe what and how we create our works of art.  It is true that Apple was the first to create and offer the revolutionary (and affordable)technology to the masses–but with Google’s creation of the Android’s open marketplace–which is run on an entirely different platform and philosophy– is there room enough for one more?

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Jun 3 2010

Short movie done on the ipad


John Halliday: “The media is trying to saying that the iPad is meant to deliver content not to create content. I disagree here is a movie made with iPad apps. Made on iPad with Voxel, Brushes and SilentFilm apps.”

May 28 2010

ZeusMobile Draw – App Review


"Surprise" by Deb McMillion using ZeusDraw Mobile

Since our recent post on Deb McMillion’s “Sounds Like Art” exhibition in Phoenix,AZ, we’ve noted increased interests in her “app of choice”, ZeusDraw Mobile (ZDM). A few questions have come up surrounding a “review”.  Though many have experimented in the app, we thought it a wiser choice to invite feedback from the ZDM master herself.  Deb McMillion (“Hotel Midnight” as we know her on Flickr) joins us to share an in depth review of the underrated app.  Does it stand up to the “big guys”? Seems it has some very promising attributes (which are well-supported by an amazing stream of work)…read on!

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May 22 2010

iPad painting of the day: The Fitful Sleep Of Mr Feely