Dec 18 2017

Live with the new TagTool

Matthew Watkins

Alberobello 2017 from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Fabric Lenny and myself for our first time perfuming together with the new TagTool and we were not disappointed. The Alberobello Light Festival was a perfect backdrop for our images. The new Tagtool is an entirely redesigned app. It retains much of the feel of the old version but adds a slew of new features from changing background colour to importing images and being able to create and save libraries of loops, just to mention a few.

Looking forward to our next gig.

Jun 19 2017

Fingerpainted whiteboard

Matthew Watkins

Whiteboard videos are one of the strongest ways of communicating concepts. Fingerpainting offers you the possibility to take your scribe videos too the next level.
All of the drawings and image animations for this scribe about creating visual content were made on my iPad pro.
You can export your assets to dropbox giving you seamless integration with your desktop editing apps.

Sep 28 2015

TagTool Light Painting at the Alberobello Light Festival

Matthew Watkins

Jul 1 2015

Watkins&Rabe: Live Fingerpainting Painting in Alberobello

Matthew Watkins

2015 is the International Year of Light and don’t miss Matthew Watkins and Benjamin Rabe painting July 18, 19, 20 2015 at the Alberobello Light Festival amongst the UNESCO protected Trulli. A Trullo is a conical dry-fitted stone building typical to a very small region of Puglia. Their origins date back to medieval times.

The Festival starts July 4th and pays homage to the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. The painting will be beamed out over the historic Trulli district of Alberobello by dozens of powerful projectors.

Watkins&Rabe will be projecting on selected walls in the historic area for three days. Please come and see us!

Photo by Antonello Leo
Video Watkins&Rabe

Jan 29 2012

Mourning the loss of the Most Beloved Leader by cloudbuilder

Matthew Watkins

Mourning the loss of the Most Beloved Leader

Dec 9 2011

ArtRage comes to the iPhone

Matthew Watkins

Mobile artist around the world can celebrate that the first full featured painting emulator for the iPad, ArtRage,has come to the iPhone.
It’s special introductory price is only $ 0.99. Click here for details and download.

Watch this space for reviews and artwork.

Nov 28 2011

Katana Jack. A video game fingerpainted on the iPad.

Matthew Watkins

Spanish artist Xoan Baltar, illustrator and fingerpainter par excellence, was one of the first to kick off the iPhone art revolution in 2008. Now he has pushed the curve again by releasing a game entirely fingerprinted on the iPad.

You can download it to your iPhone or iPad here

Way to go Xoan!

Oct 6 2011

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Matthew Watkins

Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish

With the iPhone 2g Steve Jobs created a mobile computing revolution that changed everything. Although mobile art was not started on an iPhone, it certainly exploded there. Digital fingerpainting was born. And our community of finger painters shortly afterwards. iPhone fingerpainting represented a digital revolution. Artist from around the world creating, sharing. Being inspired. Being foolish. A democratic phenomena spreading art around the world in an un predicated manner. A cafe society on steroids. Mashing art, apps, finding new ways to express. Did Steve imagine all this from the beginning? Perhaps. Perhaps this and more. Or perhaps a true visionary just knows how to mix the cocktails that will please the senses and liberate the mind. Comfortable in the knowlege that it will lead to great things.

There will be new and wonderful smartphones and digital devices from apple and it’s competitors. More unbelievable art will be created.
Steve showed us the way and will be remembered alongside the greatest minds of history.

We fingerpainters are in happily in Steve’s debt.

(Image courtesy of Performita).

Aug 12 2011

Finger Painting of the day: Spanishrevolution by La Legra Negra

Matthew Watkins


Jul 23 2011

New version of Artrage released for the iPad.

Matthew Watkins

Here is the word from Ambient Design on the new release:

What’s New in Version 1.2.0
Seeing speed problems? Check out the Help Guide in the app for some easy troubleshooting steps!

– Script Recorder: Record your paintings and play them back at higher resolution on a desktop machine. 1.2 adds Script Recording to the application: You can turn on the Script Recorder when creating a new file, and every stroke you paint will be recorded to a script file. Script files can be exported via iTunes or sent directly by email to play back in a desktop version of ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro. More information on scripts and recording can be found in the Help section under Files.

– Export PNG: As well as emailing and saving copies of your paintings to the Photos app you can now export PNG copies direct to iTunes.

– Fixed a problem importing images larger than 1440 x 1440 to layers and references. All forms of image import should now correctly handle images of any available size.

– Updated the Help section on ‘Files’ to cover scripts and improve explanations of how to handle files in ArtRage.

– Added troubleshooting tips to the Help section for users who experience speed problems: Many speed problems can be solved very simply by following a couple of easy steps. See the Speed & Memory section in the help files!

– Adjusted Import Image to Layer to scale to fit the current canvas on import.

Art rage on iTunes