Aug 1 2010

A Healing Touch: Digital offering of Peace to Women Survivors

Matthew Watkins

A healing touch

Artist Mia Robinson is extending “touch” beyond our devices and taking it into the lives of abused women through “A Healing Touch: Digital offering of Peace to Women Survivors“. The international mobile digital art exhibition features works by 25 fingerpainters, all created to inspire hope and healing in women survivors (and victims) of violence, abuse and oppression. The show and fundraiser for Ocean Ana Rising Inc, a non-profit organization empowering women through the arts, runs from August 20th through September 4th, 2010 and includes a private opening reception (August 20th, 6:30-8:00pm) and Outreach workshop, “When Left to Your Own Devices” where Mia will be teaching 15 teenaged girls how to paint on iPads and iPhones.

To raise awareness about the global issue of violence against women and the upcoming exhibition, Mia will be blogging and tweeting facts and statistics daily on her website. You can follow her on twitter.

To purchase tickets to the opening reception or to find out how you can support and/or participate (there is a private flickr group for additional artists who’d like to contribute eir own offerings–the group will be featured as a slideshow during the exhibition), visit

Jul 30 2010

A picture book, painted on the iPhone

Benjamin Rabe

(via the new Taptrix Blog)

“On the train to work every day, Emily from Taiwan has been using Brushes to paint the strange adventures of her cats.”

I especially like the self-reference on the cover.

Jul 20 2010

Fingerpainting of the day “after the rain” by la legra negra

Matthew Watkins

after the rain, originally uploaded by la legra negra.

Jul 12 2010

Beta Review: Meritum Paint Pro for iPad

Matthew Watkins

The Duchess, originally uploaded by Matthew Watkins.

A little while ago Performita, suggested that i try the app Meritum Paint Pro on my iphone. I took to it immediately. I love the organic nature of it’s painting engine. You can choose from three brushes, or better, styles of painting: Normal, Neon or Sci-Fi. You don’t really control them, so much as guide them through a series of happy accidents.

I have been lucky enough to try the ipad version of the app in Beta, and i can tell you that it’s a whole new ball game. The larger screen combined with the more powerful CPU means more detail and more fun.

My son and i calculated that it could take simultaneous input from 10 fingers at once, just in case you ever need it.

The user interface of Meritum Paint is a little unusual but adds to the mysterious nature of the creations you will make on it. Randomness is buit-in.

Choose a color palette, brush width, the force and tilt that you would like to be exerted, and start painting. It’s kind of magical.

Although i love the app i do not consider myself a Meritum Paint purist. I like to import my Meritum work into Brushes and elaborate it. My favorite brush is “Sci-Fi”, which allows you to noodle Gigerish tubes that intertwine and can apear to be pipes, tentacles or feathers.

I am not finished experimenting with this app and I am looking forward to seeing where Krunoslav Till and the Meritum Soft development team take it.

Thanks Perf!

Jun 28 2010

Review: Inspire 2.0 painting app for the iPhone


(Review by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso of Granada, Spain)

Kiwipixel just released a new and interesting update for their app Inspire.

To me, their color blending method has been the best in the AppStore since I first played with the app. But with this update things are even getting better! It runs faster and smoother and I found it quite funny to play with.

Some new features

The main difference with previous versions is that now it’s possible to switch the realistic painting mode off. And it will give you some really interesting effects, e.g. the chance of making a sketch without the worry to reload your brush every while. Also, even in non-realistic mode, you’re able to select the dry brush mode, which is quite interesting to achieve some textures almost impossible in previous versions. (as you can see in the example below).

When “realistic paint” is off, we can select a value for the spacing of the brush.
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Jun 9 2010

Dont Look Now, But There’s An Android in the Room


"The Bridge" by Philip Vetter (using Sketcher app for Android on HTC Hero)

Well the time has arrived for some healthy competition!

Most mobile digital artists have become quite comfortable associating fingerpainting with Apple products–many using words like “iPainting” and “iArt” to describe what and how we create our works of art.  It is true that Apple was the first to create and offer the revolutionary (and affordable)technology to the masses–but with Google’s creation of the Android’s open marketplace–which is run on an entirely different platform and philosophy– is there room enough for one more?

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May 28 2010

ZeusMobile Draw – App Review


"Surprise" by Deb McMillion using ZeusDraw Mobile

Since our recent post on Deb McMillion’s “Sounds Like Art” exhibition in Phoenix,AZ, we’ve noted increased interests in her “app of choice”, ZeusDraw Mobile (ZDM). A few questions have come up surrounding a “review”.  Though many have experimented in the app, we thought it a wiser choice to invite feedback from the ZDM master herself.  Deb McMillion (“Hotel Midnight” as we know her on Flickr) joins us to share an in depth review of the underrated app.  Does it stand up to the “big guys”? Seems it has some very promising attributes (which are well-supported by an amazing stream of work)…read on!

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May 22 2010

iPad painting of the day: The Fitful Sleep Of Mr Feely


May 20 2010

Mobile Art Conference 2010 is a GO!


Could it really be happening?!

Earlier this month we mentioned small discussions about a Fingerpainters’ convention floating through the Flickr and email streams. Well, the idea has picked up momentum (and a heaping helping of support), and now is likely to become a reality! Continue reading

May 6 2010

Fingerpainting of the Day: “Rudeboy” by Kakerururu

“Rudeboy” by Kakerururu

Today’s Fingerpainting of the Day is titled “Rudeboy” was created by KakerururuContinue reading