Oct 11 2010

Inspire Pro: live and introductory sale (promo codes!)

Benjamin Rabe

We previewed Inspire Pro for iPad by kiwipixel the other day, now it went live last weekend and seems to be doing fine in the app store. For the time of introduction it’s on sale for 0.99$/0.79€ instead of 7.99$ later.

Thanks to the generous folks of kiwipixel, we are able to give away three free promo codes for this app today to the first three readers to comment on this post. (Only valid for the us-store, sorry, blame apple for that. Make sure you leave your email for us to send the code.)

So hurry up before this lil guy chews them up!

Sep 28 2010

ArtRage on the iPad: natural media painting is here

Benjamin Rabe

AmbientDesign has just released Artrage for the iPad, and if you already know the desktop version, then you might have high expectations. I had. And I didn’t get disappointed at all when I was lucky to join the beta test phase just in time to take it with me to the beautiful tuscany.
ArtRage beta splash 3

The Tools

Artrage for the iPad comes loaded with a set of tools, including oils, watercolors, pencils, pastels and inking pens.
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Sep 24 2010

[preview] Inspire Pro for the iPad

Luis Peso

(This is a guest post by fellow fingerpainter Luis Peso, all paintings in this post by him.)

(This fingerpainting inspired by this photo by AlleyCat91)

I can remember how happy I felt when I heard KiwiPixel was working on an iPad version of their great painting-simulator app Inspire. This new kid on the block is called Inspire Pro and it turns out to be even better than I could expect.
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Jul 12 2010

Beta Review: Meritum Paint Pro for iPad

Matthew Watkins

The Duchess, originally uploaded by Matthew Watkins.

A little while ago Performita, suggested that i try the app Meritum Paint Pro on my iphone. I took to it immediately. I love the organic nature of it’s painting engine. You can choose from three brushes, or better, styles of painting: Normal, Neon or Sci-Fi. You don’t really control them, so much as guide them through a series of happy accidents.

I have been lucky enough to try the ipad version of the app in Beta, and i can tell you that it’s a whole new ball game. The larger screen combined with the more powerful CPU means more detail and more fun.

My son and i calculated that it could take simultaneous input from 10 fingers at once, just in case you ever need it.

The user interface of Meritum Paint is a little unusual but adds to the mysterious nature of the creations you will make on it. Randomness is buit-in.

Choose a color palette, brush width, the force and tilt that you would like to be exerted, and start painting. It’s kind of magical.

Although i love the app i do not consider myself a Meritum Paint purist. I like to import my Meritum work into Brushes and elaborate it. My favorite brush is “Sci-Fi”, which allows you to noodle Gigerish tubes that intertwine and can apear to be pipes, tentacles or feathers.

I am not finished experimenting with this app and I am looking forward to seeing where Krunoslav Till and the Meritum Soft development team take it.

Thanks Perf!

Jul 9 2010

iPhone 4: hands on, fingerpainters

Kevin Barba

Like many others, I found my self in line on June 26th infront of an Apple store. I avoided most of the crowds by waiting to go in after I got off work. This proved to be a good plan resulting in only a 90 minute wait to get to the head of the line. I’ve only used an Original (noG) iPhone since day one. The upgrade to the iPhone4 for me has been a large leap forward. For some of you fellow finger-painters using the 3GS, the speed may not seem to be as noticeable, but the Retina display alone is worth the price of admission.
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Jun 24 2010

Inspire for the iPhone goes 2.0[Update: on sale]

Benjamin Rabe

[Update] To celebrate the release of 2.0, Inspire is on sale for $0.99 (4.99$ before) now for a limited time. Get it here.

The latest update of natural media painting app Inspire adds

  • Hot corners
  • a clumped brush
  • steppers for all settings
  • zoom in/out by double tapping

For a complete list checkout kiwipixels site.

Jun 23 2010

SketchBook Mobile is iPhone4 ready [Update]

Benjamin Rabe

[Update] Also on sale with 50% off now.

The latest update of SketchBook Mobile is iPhone4 ready. Along with a polished interface it adds

  • iTunes file sharing
  • 12 layers (only iPhone4)
  • 30 undos (again only iPhone4)

Jun 23 2010

Brushes 2.2 update

Benjamin Rabe

Brushes 2.2, newly labeled “the iPhone Edition”, just went live in the app-store. You gotta love the new brush-tips.

  • 8 new brushes
  • Brush strokes are now smoothed (no jaggy curves)
  • Support for iOS 4 and iPhone 4
  • Can now use the camera directly from within Brushes

Has anybody out there tested it on the iPhone4 yet? Any differences?

Jun 3 2010

Short movie done on the ipad

Benjamin Rabe

John Halliday: “The media is trying to saying that the iPad is meant to deliver content not to create content. I disagree here is a movie made with iPad apps. Made on iPad with Voxel, Brushes and SilentFilm apps.”

May 30 2010

SketchBookPro 1.1 for iPad

Benjamin Rabe

SketchBookPro 1.1 for iPad is here, with a good list on additions and one new feature that might kick in: video out.

Go big screen-ish

With the use of the iPad VGA dock connector (29 $/€) you can now mirror your painting process to another monitor, without all the toolbar action though, which might be a little drawback.

Preserved transparency

The other great feature, letting you refine shapes or areas already defined without having to care much about fringes, bleeding, etc.

(Example courtesy by Susan Murtaugh)

Other new features include blend modes for layers and a template library. For the full set added check out the blog entry or watch this video. SBMP 1.1 is a free update for existing users.